Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ray Meier Second Highest in Right Wing Competition

Republican Ray Meier likes to say that he'll be like Sherwood Boehlert, but Ray Meier is no moderate. A practical demonstration of Ray Meier's ideological extremism is found in his participation and performance in a competition for money through a right wing political action committee that runs the Rightroots program. It's called Rightroots for a reason - and it's not because its candidates are moderate.

Rightroots describes Ray Meier's position along with its other favorites by saying, "these candidates represent our best chance to retain control of Congress and to enact a conservative agenda." Conservative is a nice word for it. These are people who believe that Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum represent the mainstream. They're endorsed by publications like Right Wing News and Ankle Biting Pundits.

Do we really want our next Congressman to be the guy endorsed by Ankle Biting Pundits?

Guess how Ray Meier performs among this group of right wing political radicals? He's their second most successful fundraiser. I don't think that's something Ray Meier ought to be proud of.

Ray Meier doesn't represent New York's 24th district's values. He's out there on the radical fringes of a failed ideology of fear. This year, we need to put Ray Meier's Rightroots kind of extremism behind us.

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Anonymous said...

Then use the association with Laura Bush to show what a Bush robot he will be.