Monday, March 22, 2010

Mike Arcuri Against Health Care Reform

What will it take for the Democratic voters of New York's 24th congressional district to wake up and realize that Congressman Mike Arcuri is a stealth Republican? Maybe last night's vote by Arcuri to vote against Barack Obama's health care reform legislation will do the trick.

This right wing Blue Dog keeps on voting like a Republican. Why doesn't he just switch parties, and run in the Republican primary if he likes that party's policies so much?

The Working Families Party now seems ready to finally peel itself off from the bottom of the Democratic Party's boot heel, and look for a new candidate to run against Michael Arcuri. Epidemiologist Les Roberts seems like a good choice - perhaps for a Green Party line run as well?

Monday, March 01, 2010

Mike Arcuri Votes For Patriot Act Extension Without Reforms

Just when you think that Congressman Mike Arcuri can't sink any lower, he... well, he sinks lower.

You didn't see anything about this in the local newspaper when it happened, but facts are facts:

Michael Arcuri has voted in favor of extending the Patriot Act without any reforms


There were some brave Democrats who stood against the infamous law, which enables government snooping into our private records, and surveillance of us without the protections the Constitution guarantees. Representative Arcuri was not among them.

Representative Arcuri voted to prolong some of the worst abuses begun under George W. Bush. Why not call Arcuri a Bush Democrat?