Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Who Should I Vote For Today? Arcuri, or...

It's an exciting primary election day here in New York's 24th congressional district. Today is the day when ordinary Democratic voters get to head out to the polls and choose for themselves who will represent them in the General Election this year. Yes, in other countries, people only have the chance to support the candidates that corrupt insiders and power brokers choose for them in behind the scenes dealing. Not here in America!

Yes, there's a reason I'm a member of the Democratic Party, and not just like one of those unaffiliated voters out there who don't belong to any political party at all. True, the Democrats aren't perfect, but by registering to vote as a Democrat, I get to have a say in the direction of the party, by voting in the primary for the candidate who represents my interests and ideals the best.

I'm about to head out the door myself, going to the town hall where our local elections are being held. But I'm not really sure who I'll vote for to represent the Democrats this year. Will it be Michael Arcuri, or... uh...

And who will my Republican neighbor turn out for? Will it be Ray Meier or... uh...


Whe the choice is between voting for a candidate or not voting at all, is that really a democratic election?

Since Ray Meier and Mike Arcuri forced their competitors to end their primary campaigns, this congressional race has become positively tepid. It seems that the lesson of this year's congressional campaign is that it's important to avoid contentious primary battles...

... because that way everyone in the district can go back to sleep.


Anonymous said...

Don't vote for Laura...seriously, I posted last week that Laura Bush was coming to campaign for Meier and now they formally announced it!



Mike needs to get Hillary to show up at the same time and steal Laura's thunder (LOL!).

Seriously, this is all or nothing folks. If they are throwing Laura into this campaign, you know it's crucial.

Anonymous said...

If Mike Arcuri is to win,and that is a big if,basics must be recognized.First,the district was carved out to heavily favor Republicans.Second, Ray Meier has a very sophisticated get out the vote effort being led by a very well trained guy who handled the last Boehlert effort which was very impressive in turn out.Given these two basic facts and understanding that Arcuri's capaign is not seasoned,one must conclude that an anti-Bush sentiment alone will not be enough to win for Arcuri.He must soon advance some "local" positions to relate to independents and to disenchanted Republicans.The type of issue,Take Back 24 disdains, that of jobs and taxes relating not only to an Arcuri plan but to Meier's awful record as State Senator,is essential to win.Those on the radical left ought to swallow their rhetoric and join the effort to encourage Arcuri to quickly take this path. Spitzer is and he will win in a land slide.Even Hillary is.Winning is the objective not ideology or a Bush fixation.

24 Independent said...

11:28, I don't think you're able to distinguish between liberals and "the radical left". Opposition to Bush is NOT a radical left issue. It's solid mainstream.

63 percent of likely voters in our district disapprove of George W. Bush's performance as President. That includes 39 percent of Republicans, 63 percent of independents, and 89 percent of Democrats - not nationwide, but right here in the 24th congressional district. This information is from the crosstabs in the Constituent Dynamics poll.

Are you saying that 39 percent of Republicans in our district, and 63 percent of independents in our district, are part of the radical left?

Cut the pro-right wing rhetoric.

Credible, responsible opposition to Bush is a winning issue in this district, and Arcuri is a fool to dismiss it.