Monday, September 25, 2006

Ray Meier Is Poison For the Environment

Reason #8 To Not Vote For Ray Meier: Ray Meier Is Poisonous For The Environment

In its coverage of the 2005 political year, the Environmental Advocates of New York profiled Sherwood Boehlert's work for the environment in a special section on their web site entitled "Green Courage: Representative Sherwood Boehlert".

Ray Meier has earned no such praise. There's a reason for that. Last year, Ray Meier was the lone vote against legislation that required that public schools use cleaning chemicals that don't poison the environment. Not mixing kids with poisons is a no-brainer for most of us, but on this issue, Ray Meier just didn't get it.

Ray Meier has cast many other anti-environmental votes in recent years. Meier supported legislation to help build a huge garbage incinerator practically in the back yards of New York State residents. Meier supported a bill that limits the power of local communities to oppose out-of-control land grabs. When Ray Meier had the chance to support a bill that would have ended the use of a poisonous substance in our clothing and bedding, Ray Meier voted against it.

In a gimme to the railroad industry, Ray Meier opposed a bill that would have banned the incineration of creosote in our neighborhoods, and would have put rules in place to protect kids from improper creosote disposal. Creosote contains nasty chemicals such as alkylnaphthalenes, naphthalene, diphenyl, acenaphthalene, fluorene, diphenylene oxide, quinoline base and indole. You don't want your kids breathing that stuff after it's been burned near where they play? Exposure to creosote is known to cause cancer. Ray Meier didn't care about that.

Ray Meier is no Sherwood Boehlert. Ray Meier's environmental record is full of filth. That's reason #8 to NOT vote for Ray Meier for Congress.

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