Monday, September 25, 2006

Ray Meier Approach Makes Terrorism Worse

Reason #9 Not to Vote for Ray Meier: Ray Meier's Plan Makes Terrorism Worse

The Ray Meier plan for the Iraq War is easy to understand: Let President Bush do whatever he wants.

The problem with that plan? It makes terrorism worse.

That's not some claim made just by antiwar progressives. That's the claim made by the 16 government intelligence agencies who put together the National Intelligence Estimate. The National Intelligence Estimate is a report on the threats to the USA that the nation's top intelligence experts regularly send to the President of the United States.

Sometimes George W. Bush reads it, and sometimes he doesn't bother. It's classified, so we citizens can't read it for ourselves, but we ought to pay attention to what information about it comes our way.

Why? Well, this weekend, we learned that a National Intelligence Estimate sent to President Bush this year informed the President that the Iraq War was making terrorists stronger and thus, increasing the danger of terrorist attacks against the United States.

Has Ray Meier made any comment about this? Of course not. He's pretending the problem doesn't exist.

That's reason #9 out of 30 not to vote for Ray Meier for Congress.

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