Thursday, September 21, 2006

We Cannot Trust Ray Meier With Future Wars

Ray Meier Cannot Be Trusted With Future Wars: Reason #7 to Not Vote for Ray Meier

The disaster that was the decision to invade and occupy Iraq is not just a mistake of the past. It was also a demonstration of what particular politicians will do in similar situations.

There never was any evidence that Iraq was a serious threat to any other nation, much less to the United States. Yet, most politicians in Congress didn't pay any attention to that huge gap. They voted to give George W. Bush the power to invade Iraq. They did it in spite of the fact that huge numbers of Americans begged them to look at the facts. In one day alone, one million Americans marched, peacefully and lawfully, in the streets to ask Congress not to help Bush start the Iraq War.

The politicians who supported the idea of starting a war in Iraq didn't listen to the 50 percent of Americans who said that invading Iraq would be a mistake.

Now, those politicians like to pretend that they were either tricked into giving that support, or were working with the best information available. That's a load of bull. All the signs were there pointing to a series of grave problems that would result from an invasion of Iraq. Those politicians who supported the war just chose to ignore the warning signs, and to do what was politically convenient instead.

Ray Meier was one of those politicians. Oh, he wasn't in Congress at the time, but he gave his support to the push to go to war as a politician loyal to George W. Bush. Ray Meier made a big mistake, and he still won't admit it.

His record on Iraq shows that we cannot trust Ray Meier to make decisions about war and peace. Yet, that's the duty he would have if he were sent to Congress. The Constitution makes it clear: It is the role of Congress to declare war.

Ray Meier is not up to the job. Ray Meier has shown that he supports using war as a political tool. Ray Meier's mistake with Iraq proves that he does not have the sufficient moral and ethical judgment to serve in the United States House of Representatives. That's reason #7 out of 30 to not vote for Ray Meier for Congress.


Allen Carstensen said...

His record on Iraq shows that we cannot trust Ray Meier to make decisions about war and peace. Yet, that's the duty he would have if he were sent to Iraq.

I think you meant to say if he were sent to congress.

what's the point in typing in those letters - word verification?

Anonymous said...

So were you there at the meeting he held at the Tompkins County Democratic Party Headquarters? Anything to report?

NoMoreArcuri said...

Jon! You OK?

24 Independent said...

Thanks for the correction, Allen.

I've been out of town on business, and then for a memorial, and this week again for business.

It's a busy time. More skipping blithely away from the central issues of the day by the candidates.

A good weekend for a weekend off.

KAZ said...

7:13--He didn't hold the meeting; he was one of several candidates invited to the HQ opening. Each gave a short speech, mostly about why he or she was running and the need for a coordinated campaign. You can read more about it at and