Tuesday, August 01, 2006

MoveOn Just Desserts Events Gather Volunteers

All across America last night, progressive Americans met, ate yummy desserts together, and watched a high speed Internet broadcast including talks by Al Franken and Barack Obama and a map of all the other groups across America, participating in similar events.

I hosted one of these events at my house in Trumansburg, and with just two days' notice, 15 attended. With their kids in tow, that made over 20 people in the house, and the air got hot pretty quickly. Still, people stuck it out, and engaged in some serious political discussions well after the broadcast was through.

Out of the 15 adults in attendance, 6 signed up to become telephone volunteers for MoveOn, checking a box next to the statement, "I want to call voters in key races and turn them out to vote. I'll spend an hour a week calling and increase closer to Election Day."

MoveOn reports that there were 689 of these events across America last night. I'll bet that the attendance at my house was about average. If that's so, it means that 4,134 new volunteers were recruited through these events last night. If just half of these people follow through with their pledge, and talk to just three people in that weekly hour of calling, then that means that they'll reach six thousand people every week. That will be 78,000 phone calls coming out of these little neighborhood meetings - and a conservative estimate at that.

MoveOn, of course, organizes through the Internet. Does someone want to repeat the claim that the Internet doesn't matter to congressional campaigns? Could Michael Arcuri afford to discount these efforts?


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