Monday, July 31, 2006

First Thing You Do, Arcuri, is Get a New Web Firm

"Michael Arcuri Trading Cards
Stay tuned for a fun new way to learn about the candidate and the 24th Congressional District!"

First thing you need to do, Michael Arcuri, is get a new firm to take care of your web page. Stuff like this should not be allowed to stand up on the site for as long as it has. If anyone ever was really tuned in to this silly idea of trading cards, they've tuned out months ago.

This brings me to independent volunteer opportunity #5 - Arcuri's campaign is quite clumsy online, and needs some help. Arcuri makes speeches without making the information available online, engages in a debate against the Republican and doesn't even mention it on his web site, and isn't bothering to put any items on his campaign calendar online.

Weeks ago, I suggested a revamp of Arcuri's campaign, to include a new person with the sole focus of improving online outreach. But, heck, I don't expect the Arcuri for Congress campaign to take my advice. I'm just that kooky guy from over in Trumansburg, right?

Well, this is a ball that ought to be picked up by someone. If there is a group of Arcuri supporters out there that cares enough about electing a Democrat this year to admit that there are some areas for improvement in the Arcuri campaign, they'll do what Arcuri's campaign seems unwilling to do: Set up a web site that actually communicates with people about what the Arcuri campaign is doing.

Take the speeches that Arcuri won't publish, and publish them. Put up the good news about the Arcuri campaign that Arcuri won't bother to put online, and put it online. Create a calendar, and fill it with Mike Arcuri's campaign activity, so that people won't think that the Arcuri campaign has gone dead.

Sure, it'll take a bit of work, but someone's got to do it, and the Arcuri campaign doesn't seem to think it matters.

It matters.


Hoping in New Hartford said...

Hey kooky guy from Trumansburg... Youre 100% right, but I dont think they will notice it. Why should they? Looking at the spectacular SMEAR-JOB thats underway, if I was MA I wouldnt want any of my potential voters going anywhere NEAR the internet.

I dont want to sound negative, but if there ever was a Michael Arcuri campaign, it looks almost dead now. No-one can save us. Would you go anywhere close to the internet while this party was going on?

Maybe well be surprised! Mike could shock us with a bing-bangup site, and start actually campaigning a little more.


Anonymous said...

Did you know that Governor Perry of Texas took a donation from that guy too? Of course he's a republican so it doesn't matter. Why would it matter to the Daughter in Law of the late Senator Donovan who publishes the OD. Reading the OD will always result in stretching it for democrats and ignoring it for republicans. The point is, this guy gave plenty of donations out to plenty of candidates, nobody had a clue what he was up to in his business and how could they?

Anonymous said...

Hey they've got that republican slime machine training so they think they can come here and threaten everybody else to shut up while they spin. Screw em. The regular humans in this whole country are sick of their games. They know exactly what these people have done for them. Nothing. Ruining lives comes naturally to them, they are doing it to the whole country.