Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Get John Edwards to Stump for Mike Arcuri

Item number 6 in my list of 10 ways in which you can volunteer for Michael Arcuri's sake without having to wait around for the Arcuri campaign to "coordinating" you involves a voice from the past. Think back now... "There are two Americas"... "I'm going to work for YOU"...

Yes, I'm talking about former senator, former Vice Presidential candidate, John Edwards.

One of the things that John Edwards is doing, besides doing some serious anti-poverty work (good for you, John), is running the One America Committee, an organization dedicated to getting Democrats elected across America. It's the sort of thing that someone does if they're planning on running for President soon. Watch for candidate Edwards in 2004.

What does all this have to do with Michael Arcuri? Well, Michael Arcuri is a Democrat running for office, and John Edwards is considering coming right here to District 24 in New York State to stump for the Arcuri for Congress campaign. But, Edwards needs a little persuading.

You have just 2 days left to go to the One America Committee web site and vote for Edwards to pay attention to Michael Arcuri. It works like this: There are a bunch of Democratic candidates on the list, and the top two vote getters in this online election will get a visit from John Edwards during this campaign.

Seeing Michael Arcuri and John Edwards up on the stage together sure would be a great image in opposition to seeing Ray Meier and Dick Cheney holding hands, wouldn't it?

Give Arcuri a boost in Edwards's poll. It's quick and easy, and just might make a difference.


Curious said...

That's a sh*tload of money they're pouring into this particular market.

Anonymous said...

John Edwards only has time to visit two places before November? He's raffling off his two visits? I'm not too sure how I feel about that.