Monday, July 10, 2006

Reason #8 to Vote For Arcuri: Ray Meier is No Moderate

Reason #8 to vote for Michael Arcuri for Congress comes to me courtesy of Charles Evangelista, the Chair of the Ontario County Republican Party (Ontario County includes Geneva, which makes up the north west corner of New York's 24th district). Evangelista spilled the beans when he told a Fox News reporter that Sherwood Boehlert is "probably one of the last of the moderate Republicans".

Translation: Ray Meier is no moderate Republican. He's a right winger who will follow the new extremist Republican Party line.

If you're a moderate Republican or independent voter in our district, you can't count on Ray Meier to represent you well. Our district should not be represented by our a local equivalent of Rick Santorum.

When even a local Republican chief admits that Ray Meier is no moderate, you know you've got an extremist on your hands. Now, when all three branches the federal government is being run into the ground by right wing ideologues, the last thing we should do is add fuel to the fire.

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Anonymous said...

Vice President Dick Cheney is coming to Utica on Friday, July 14, 2006, for a 5:00 pm fundraiser at the Hotel Utica for Ray Meier. Please join us for these peaceful, legal right across the street, and please help spread the word.

FRIDAY, JULY 14, 2006
UTICA, NY 13502

2:30-4:00 pm Community SpeakOut
on Bush/Cheney policies that hurt our community and
that Meier endorses.

4:00-5:30 pm Rally for Liberty
Stop the spying, stop the lying, stop the dying. Stand up with others in our community to take back our democracy.

See for details.

This will be a spirited, peaceful, and legal event. Come for part or all of the afternoon. Bring energy, good humor, signs, banners, friends, children, a water bottle and (depending on the weather) a hat or an umbrella. The police have asked that signs not be mounted on sticks (use cardboard tubes instead). These events are organized by the July 14th Coalition, a Utica area group unaffiliated with any political party or campaign.

Also: $2 a plate Peace Roast Pot Luck, July 14, 6:00 pm-8:30 pm and Peace Walk at 7:30 pm
St. Francis DeSales Parish Center (1119 Elm Street Utica, NY (315) 732-6171. Turn left on Burrstone Rd. Turn left on Genesee St. Turn right on Eagle St. ...). Bring your favorite dish to pass among friends. All are welcome regardless of ability to pay. Money collected will be sent to an organization that helps service men and women who have been seriously maimed in the War in Iraq.