Monday, July 10, 2006

Memo to Michael Arcuri: You're Running for Congress

Michael Arcuri got US Senator Charles Schumer to come Upstate to appear with him... and what did they give speeches about? Money to help the District Attorney's office in Oneida County.

Arcuri crowed about saving money by getting federal assistance in witness protection.

"Getting the trust of the people is the soul of the district attorney's office. If you are going to have any success at all in prosecuting gangs or prosecuting criminals they have to believe that you're going to protect them."

Well, that's great... for Oneida County. And it's swell... for a District Attorney.

But, um, Mr. Arcuri? You're supposed to be running for Congress! You ran for District Attorney last year. Different race, remember?

What kind of congressional candidate gets a United States Senator from his own political party to appear behind a microphone with him, and doesn't talk about running for Congress?

This is not an Oneida County race. Talking Oneida County local politics isn't going to make a big difference - the hometown boy factor gets cancelled out with Meier and Arcuri claiming the same turf.

Is Arcuri really getting out into the District? If he is, he's doing well at keeping it a secret from the areas he's visiting. Where are the newspaper articles heralding his visits? Behind the scenes meetings with Democratic committee members here and there are not going to cut it. Please, will someone get Mike Arcuri out into the district to get in touch with the voters?

Tell him he can put on his jogging shorts again, if that helps.

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