Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Michael Arcuri Will Work For Green Energy

Ray Meier talks the good talk when it comes to developing green, clean energy. Then again, Sherwood Boehlert talked the good talk too. What good did it do us?

In the end, because Boehlert was a Republican, he helped in the effort to stymie the development of alternative energy resources. Boehlert's support for the Republican leadership in Congress protected the fossil fuel economy from reform, and made it possible for oil companies to directly shape America's energy policy.

Elect Ray Meier, and it will be another 20 years of the same empty promises.

Michael Arcuri is no Republican. When Mike Arcuri promises to promote clean, green alternative energy, his words have credibility because Congressman Arcuri would be working with a Democratic Party that almost universally shares his dedication to cleaning up America's energy infrastructure.

That's Reason #9 to vote for Michael Arcuri for Congress this fall.

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