Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ray Meier is Bush's Man - Reason 10

There's a reason that most Republicans in Congress are not asking George W. Bush to help them in their re-election campaigns. Oh, it isn't that they disagree with George W. Bush's policies. Rather, they see how unpopular President Bush is, and realize that the huge majority of Americans disagree with Bush's policies. They don't want to be tainted with Bush's failures.

How about Ray Meier, our district's Republican candidate for Congress? Amazingly, Meier doesn't get it. He's too dense to realize that Bush's presidency has gone terribly wrong, and that the voters know it.

No, Ray Meier is too greedy for the money. So, Ray Meier will be taking $1,000 per head from opportunists who are willing to pay big bucks in order to have their photograph taken with Vice President Dick Cheney, as if they're big buddies with the guy.

Ray Meier is kind of like those self-promoting photo junkies, only he cares more about the money. The main thing to remember is that, by bringing Dick Cheney to New York's 24th district, Ray Meier is proving that he is willing to let big money speak louder than common sense.

Ray Meier is proving not only that he is Bush's man, but that he will gladly amble up next to and become the ally of any politician who has money to throw his way.

Mike Arcuri will not be the man standing next to creepy Vice President Dick Cheney this week. Ray Meier will. That's reason number ten to vote for Michael Arcuri for Congress this year.

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