Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mike Arcuri Will Have More Power in Congress

Reason number 11 to vote for Michael Arcuri is crass, but then, some people operate on a very crass level when it comes to politics.

The fact is that, if Michael Arcuri gets elected to the House of Representatives, he will have more power there than Ray Meier would.

Both would start out as a relatively weak freshman, but Ray Meier would have the double burden of starting out with the extra burden of being a a member of the minority party.

It's becoming increasingly clear that the Democrats are going to take back the House of Representatives. It's the Democratic Party that will be able to set the agenda in the House, and Michael Arcuri could be part of that powerful new majority, better able to bring money home to the 24th District.

It's not the kind of thing that motivates my vote, but to some people, it's the most important reason to vote for a congressional candidate.


Anonymous said...

I've noticed your drifting more and more over the edge.It is by far a long shot that the House will change hands.Did you ever hear of redistricting?

24 Independent said...

Over the edge, huh? A long shot?

If saying it's likely that the House of Representatives will change hands puts me over the edge, then there are a lot of people going over that edge, including professional Congress watchers.

When you look at that edge, you might want to check if you're looking up... at the top of the political playing field as you fall rapidly off its right side.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to agree with you, Jon. People are scared and the "cowboy" diplomacy of Mr. Bush and the neo con revolution has failed. We can curtail the facist road the bizarrely named Republicans have put us on by re-taking the people's house of congress. I am a devote Democrat and a devote Catholic and I pray that for the sake of our nation, the democrats retake congress...AND DON'T BLOW IT LIKE WE DID LAST TIME!

Anonymous said...

You're going to have to do more than pray. Try action.

anonymous 3:56 PM said...

Oh don't worry, lol.

Anonymous said...

Ray Meier will go down this time. Don't tell any one of us that you geese aren't nervous about it either. Look at the condition of his senatorial district. It's the bottom of the upstate heap yet taxed to the nines. He's been there for ten years watching and helping make this all happen. This time, money alone isn't going to do it. The people are overtaxed, under served and downright cranky. Those who are left that is. To be frank, inviting Dick cheney is a wonderful thing as far as I'm concerned. A statement all by itself. Clout my foot. Ray Meier has no clout now and he wouldn't have any in congress that's for sure. He's a FOLLOWER and that is why all he ever got for his district were the scraps.

Anonymous said...

When you lefties are once again wrong will you once again claim election fraud? Check the machines in Tompkins County,all three of them.

NoMoreArcuri said...

I don't buy it... Reason #11 only works IF Dems take Congress? which is possible but so is the lottery.
Solid reasons please... Not extensions of assumed logic + perchance.

(You're assuming he'll "Do" what he says. We've seen different)

I'm still in the lesser of two evils camp.
Meier's motivators are at least easy to read. Yep, his track record is quite dubious and touchy, and he's actually quite plastic looking and scary in person. Bill Gates on Meth...

But again, exactly what has Mike Arcuri done for us that any 50-Grade DA would do?

Mike himself says it on his site: "We all know the story"...(Watch how fast that quote disappears!)and any perusement of the 12 yr record will show that there are several such "Stories".

Many of these Reasons to vote FOR Mike Arcuri are based upon what Mike "Says" he will do...

This from a guy who we know hasn't always "Done as he Said". Too many shady questions Jon. The last twelve years have been a ride there in "UT". I'm there 2x a week.

I appreciate the lateral thinking in your support. Being Dem is honorable, but no matter how honestly and with great dedication (Your blog is a testiment to your Democratic commitments), you prosecute your noble motive, the Democratic choice in this race Jon is a Dud DA. He's looking for what Meier has already found!

A shrew and a pig fighting it out.

Neither good at anything but raising dust.

Either way,Meier or Arcuri, you're just watching another horrific Turning of the Page for CNY.

We're reading...

9i7ox3 said...

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