Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ray Meier Supports War, DOES Fundraising

I couldn't find a better depiction of the duplicity of Ray Meier than this small statement from an article in last week's Finger Lakes Times:

"Meier, who has served the Assembly’s 47th district for 10 years, has supported the war. He was in Washington, D.C, Thursday doing some fundraising for his campaign and couldn’t be reached for comment."

So, Ray Meier supports the bloody, disastrous Iraq War, but can't be bothered to justify his support for it - he's too busy begging for money to get himself a new job.

With all of the Iraq War's death, maiming, torture, lies and money pouring out of our government, you would think that Ray Meier would have the decency to stop his fundraising for just a moment to explain what on Earth makes him think it's all such a good idea.

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