Saturday, June 17, 2006

What is Arcuri's New Direction for Iraq?

Over the weekend, Democratic candidate for Congress Michael Arcuri released the following statement on the Republican resolution that supported a refusal to set a timetable an end to the Iraq War:

"Americans are looking for Congress to provide leadership in the war in Iraq. Unfortunately they are not getting it. This Republican Congress and my opponent says stay the course.

I respectfully disagree. I say its [sic] time for real change and a new direction. Today, Americans received the unfortunate news that the 2,500th American soldier has died in the War in Iraq. The American people need a real plan to bring the troops home. I say its time for real change and a new direction. This resolution does not improve the safety a single Humvee, does not provide a single additional soldier with body armor, and does not provide our troops with a real plan to win the war on terror. It is simply more divisive election year oratory. I’m running for Congress because we need real solutions and independent leadership to America’s problems and not thinly-veiled political hot-air. This is the kind of rhetoric which serves only to further divide our Nation rather than attempt promote solutions to our many problems"

It's good that Arcuri opposed the Republican resolution. The Republicans in Congress were doing nothing more than promoting the same old song and dance: An unnecessary war against an unspecified enemy with no plan for victory.

However, I we need to know more about what Mike Arcuri proposes to do differently from the Republicans when it comes to the Iraq War. Arcuri says that we need "real change and a new direction". He says that we need "real solutions" for the problem of the war.

Yet, nowhere at no time has Michael Arcuri actually proposed any solutions, new direction, or real change when it comes to the Iraq War. All Arcuri is done is say that someone need to provide those things.

It's not enough to say that the Republicans are wrong. Arcuri needs to tell us how he would like to set things right. It will take details to build a credible message. Right now, Arcuri is keeping all the details to himself.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he's using a DCCC script and all the pages didn't fax through?

Anyway, have Pelosi and Rahm contributed $5K each to Arcuri's campaign as they have to Maffei in the 25th?


"The attention by the DCCC has been a boon to Democrats Dan Maffei and Paloma Capanna, who are headed for a party primary to see who will represent the party against Walsh in November. Officially, the DCCC can't take sides until the primary is over, but both candidates said they have been provided with research on the incumbent's voting record.

But Maffei, who spent 10 years in Washington as a congressional staffer, is getting more attention. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and DCCC Chairman Rep. Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill., each contributed $5,000 to Maffei's campaign, the maximum allowed. His campaign is in touch with the DCCC almost daily."

Anonymous said...

The DCCC is in daily contact with Mike's campaign too. Do you think they haven't polled about Iraq and how it should be handled? Mike is doing exactly what he needs to do to get elected.

Anonymous said...

So, now Michael Arcuri is taking orders from the DCCC? I thought he was supposed to represent US!

Curious said...

I just think he needs an editor. Ouch!

Anonymous said...

"The DCCC is in daily contact with Mike's campaign too. Do you think they haven't polled about Iraq and how it should be handled?"

And the DCCC's track record is what for the past decade?

Anonymous said...

So 9:17 - does that mean that Arcuri has not received any Pelosi and Rahm money? With Walsh a very entrenched incumbent, a moderately conservative Catholic in the most heavily Catholic Congressional district in the country, do either Maffei or Capanna have a ghost of a chance?

Yet, Maffei is getting national funding support and the primary is going to happen and it's certainly keeping their names in the news.

In comparison Arcuri appears to be at a disadvantage both in money and publicity.

Anonymous said...

Iraq just doesn't poll as being very important. We have to concentrate on the issues that really matter to people, and we all have to do our part for fundraising. There are some really exciting plans underway to raise money with "I Like Mike" parties and merchandise.

Anonymous said...

So what does your "solution" on Iraq look like? Looks pretty unsolvable to me.

Anonymous said...

"So what does your "solution" on Iraq look like? Looks pretty unsolvable to me."

I recommend impeaching Bush for engaging in a war without the declaration of Congress, then discontinuing funding and bringing our troops home.

24 Independent said...

11:12 - What my idea of a plan for Iraq isn't what's being debated here. I'm not running for a seat in the United States House of Representatives, a body that deals with issues of war and peace.

Michael Arcuri is. He's the one who needs a plan in order to be a credible candidate. He can't just keep on saying that there needs to be a plan. He needs to get on board with a plan. There are several floating around out there. Arcuri needs to pick one, and promote it, so that we can see something of how he would vote if in Congress.

It's almost as if Arcuri doesn't want to be nailed down... and this year, I don't think being slippery on the Iraq War is a good selling point.

Anonymous said...

Again, and again, Mike Arcuri announces the need for plans. Any of us can say we need a plan. Real leaders propose plans. Leaders manque propose plans to have plans. The clearest plan Arcuri has ever articulated is a plan to have a plan. But let's not be too harsh on him for being no better than the Democratic leadership of the likes of Pelosi and Emmanuel. They wouldn't get specific if their very lives depended on it. Mike Arcuri is a perfect fit in that crowd.