Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Ray Meier Helps Wal-Mart Dodge Health Care for Workers

Ray Meier hit a new low in right wing hypocrisy when he came into Geneva to meet with business leaders there. Meier was asked a question about whether large companies ought to be required to provide health care for workers. Meier said no, and attacked people who support such measures.

It's amazing to me that Republicans can claim to represent family values, home town economies, and small businesses can defend the kind of abuses that threaten all these things. Helping big, out-of-district companies like Wal-Mart avoid their responsibilities to our communities is bad for local business, and bad for everyone who lives here.

I'd like to know how Ray Meier can claim to be against illegal immigration when he defends a corporation that is infamous for hiring illegal immigrants to work in secret behind the scenes.

If Ray Meier really cared about the working people of the 24th District, he would be looking out for Wal-Mart employees who live here, not the Wal-Mart corporation, which lives in Arkansas.

But, of course, what Ray Meier cares about most right now is getting big campaign contributions from corporate political action committees. So, instead of serving us, Ray Meier is proving what a good servant he will be to to the corporate masters of the Republican Party.

It's a sad preview of what Ray Meier would do in Congress.


Anonymous said...

What's Ray Meier care? He's been getting his health care free off the taxpayers for decades. I notice he doesn't think We should get off the hook like Walmart does.

Anonymous said...

It's not just walmart that would be affected. It is any employer with more than 100 employees. If the law was passed it would be the largest mandate on business ever in this state. Jobs would be lost everywhere.

Now is this really good policy for a state that is losing employers and population left and right as it is?

I would love to hear Mike Arcuri's stance on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Making large companies pay for health care simply causes them to raise prices and further impact the economic status of low wage earners working for small companies.

A better question to ask Ray Meier is how he thinks basic health care and health insurance should be provided to low wage earners of small companies.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if La La Land Ray has any clue what it costs to buy a single pay HMO policy in New York. I wonder if he thinks its cool that a person has to pay nearly 2 thousand dollars a month for his family just to get that lousy MVP HMO. I bet Ray has better coverage, don't you? I wonder if Ray would like to pay that every month. I wonder if Ray gets donations from HMOs.