Saturday, April 01, 2006

Ray Meier Puts His Paper in the Pot

There's been a lot of talk from the Ray Meier crowd since the retirement of Sherwood Boehlert, but it appears that action has been scarce, and that the money for the Ray Meier for Congress campaign did not pour in right away after Boehlert's retirement announcement.

Campaign finance laws require a candidate to file papers with the FEC as soon as that candidate raises 5,000 dollars - a pittance in present-day campaigning. It seems that Ray Meier didn't have that much until just a few days ago - weeks after Sherwood Boehlert announced his retirement. The Meier for Congress campaign just barely beat out Leon Koziol in sending their papers to be filed with the FEC. The required forms were sent by Meier on the 24th, by regular first class mail, and arrived in time to be filed on March 31st.

This slow filing by Ray Meier confirms the common perception that Ray Meier was caught flat-footed by Sherwood Boehlert's announcement, in spite of the fact that Ray Meier was notified in advance by Boehlert's people. Ray Meier's reaction time to political events seems to be about two or three weeks too slow, so look to Ray Meier to have the Democrats dancing circles around him when it comes time for the general election this autumn.

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Anonymous said...

You're really being too optimistic. Why wouldn't Brad Jones run circles around Meier in September instead? More money, more organization, much more time invested, more positions on issues out that and not stuck on Oneida County.

Boehlert's conservative challengers came close and they were truly looney. Why wouldn't a candidate like Jones who is actually organized and was planning on beating Boehlert beat Meier instead?