Saturday, April 01, 2006

Leon Koziol Joined the Race - 4 days ago

Finally, it's official. Leon Koziol is a candidate for the Democratic congressional nomination for New York's 24th district. Four days ago, after weeks of bluster and bluff, Leon Koziol finally sent his Statement of Candidacy and Statement of Organization forms to the Federal Election Commission. The FEC received them on March 29th, a day later.

The forms were signed on the 23rd of March. Apparently, it took Leon Koziol's people a while to get to the post office. By the time they got there, it seems that they were in a little bit of a hurry - they sent the forms by Express Mail.

The Koziol campaign is calling their recent New Hartford fundraiser a "great success", with about 250 people in attendance. Attendance is a good thing, of course, but did the Koziol campaign raise much money?

Koziol's fundraising information is not yet in the searchable disclosure database, but with the turn of the quarter, and the passing of all those "Last chance to make a stand for apple pie!" campaign emails, we ought to get a sense of what kind of ability to campaign Koziol really has before too long.


Post-script: On March 23rd, a member of the Koziol for Congress campaign committee wrote in a comment here that Koziol's documents would be filed that day. It turns out that he was telling a half-truth. Signing the documents and filing them is not the same thing. But, the documents show that the Koziol campaign intended to file that day, even if they weren't capable of getting the actual filing done for another 5 days. I'm curious about what could have possibly taken 5 days to take care of. Any insights on that one, anybody?

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Well atleast you have now begun to play fair. Hopefully it stays this way, that is all we ask for.