Saturday, April 01, 2006

Brad Jones Swipes At Career Politicians, Hits Self?

Brad Jones has managed to take a swipe at both Ray Meier and Mike Arcuri with the following statement from his web site:

"Knowing that a number of New York State “career politicians” have expressed an interest in running for this position, Jones asks how anyone who has been involved in burdening this State with some of the highest taxes and debt of any state in the Union makes them qualified for US Congress? Jones has stated many times, voters in the 24th district are looking for a change-agent that wants to be held accountable. Brad Jones is that person!"

Don't you just love it when politicians refer to themselves by name? It reminds me of 1996, with the days of "Bob Dole wants to be your president!"

Well, here's what I want to know: How does Brad Jones qualify as not a career politician, when he's actually been through campaigns for public office before, and served as mayor for four years? Does anyone know what happened to Brad Jones to end his term as mayor in the year 2000? Did the voters make sure that Jones was "held accountable", or did he just give up and quit?

Anyone from Seneca Falls want to fill us in? It seems that Brad Jones would be every Democrat's dream opponent.


Anonymous said...


When will you people understand that your betters have already picked out the candidates for you?

You can talk all you want, but the fact is that this election is already determined, where it matters, by the people who really invest in this district, the business owners.

Biggus Dickus said...

I think Brad should be more embarrassed about using a cliche like "change agent" in a press release.

Your friend forever,
Biggus Dickus