Saturday, April 01, 2006

Coming Soon from Ray Meier

Some of our Democratic candidates need a bit of work on their Internet campaigning strategy, but their problems are nothing compared to the pathetic effort put forward so far by Republican candidate Ray Meier.

Ray Meier announced himself to the world with a campaign website that read, simply, very simply, "Hello, world". Hello, Ray!

After a week of allowing that message to sit on his campaign site with nothing else, Ray Meier came out with a new campaign message: "Coming soon!"

Goofy Ray Meier doesn't seem to realize that he's left a big opening for all of us to ask: What is it exactly that's coming soon? What does Ray Meier have in mind for us all?

Well, it's fairly safe to say that, as a Republican, Ray Meier will be giving us a lot more of what the current Republican Congress has been giving us. So, if we vote for Ray Meier, what's coming soon?

More wasteful big government spending, coming soon!

More lies, coming soon!

More corruption, coming soon!

More borrow and spend Republican budgets, coming soon!

More attacks on fundamental American freedoms, coming soon!

More government programs to spy on American citizens, coming soon!

More big government databases of our private information, coming soon!

More unnecessary wars, coming soon!

More multi-billion dollar giveaways to big oil companies, coming soon!

More tax loopholes for millionaires like Paris Hilton, coming soon!

More pretending that global warming doesn't exist, coming soon!

More cuts to health care, coming soon!

More refusal to hold hearings into government abuses, coming soon!

More coverups, coming soon!

More laws to help keep prescription drug prices high, coming soon!

More deals to give nuclear technology to foreign countries, coming soon!

More dangerous attacks on Social Security, coming soon!

More American jobs shipped overseas, coming soon!

More unfunded mandates on our local governments, coming soon!

See, there's a lot we can all count on if we vote for Ray Meier. With so much substance to his campaign, it's no wonder that Ray Meier is taking so long to create his web site and tell us about his platform.

It's all coming, soon - will you be there with Ray Meier to shovel it out?

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