Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Republicans admit that the 24th is vulnerable

Here's another confirmation that the 24th District in New York State is getting increased recognition as a vulnerable seat for the Republicans in 2006. It's a selection from a blog called "Too Conservative", written by a Republican in Northern Virginia. If this is what a Republican Virginian is willing to admit, things are looking good for the Democratic campaigns in our district:

"Should Boehlert retire, his upstate district would be a top target, though certainly not a slam-dunk for Democrats. President Bush carried the district with 53 percent of the vote and the district has a PVI of R+1, meaning that it voted one point more Republican than the nation as a whole in the last two presidential elections."

Democrats have got all the mojo in this district, and Republicans are struggling just to stay in place. Sherwood Boehlert's flip-flopping PR about whether he'll drop out or not is symbolic of the Republican troubles in the 24th District in general.

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