Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A commenter with a name! How refreshing.

Thanks to Maimun Khan, who has the guts to jump into the freewheeling melee amongst commenters here at this blog with a real name. We've got lots of anonymous commenters here at the blog, and while I've set up the blog so that people have the freedom to leave comments anonymously, the degree to which people are doing so gets ridiculous at times.

I know that I am reading some consistent voices throughout the weeks here, so I'd like to encourage those readers to go ahead and register, and let us know who they really are - especially if they're affiliated with a campaign, as Maimun Khan is (working with the Arcuri for Congress campaign).

I'm not going to force anyone to register and leave their names. People will still have the freedom to post anonymously here. I just think that we'd all have a much more productive discussion if we knew who we were talking with when we have these debates in the comments sections.

For the same reason, I think it would be useful for us all to know where in the 24th district you're from, and if you're a registered Democrat, Republican or something else.

Let me start with myself. As long-timers here know, my name is Jonathan Cook. I live in Trumansburg, over in the western part of our district, and I'm a registered Democrat.

Post-script: Maimun is, I believe the author of the Maipolitics2poetry blog that I mentioned the other day. I'm happy give you a link, Maimun, and send a few readers your way. Other readers with blogs who have the courage to indentify themselves by name here, I'll be happy to provide the same courtesy to.


just call me Bubba said...

The Arcuri website is now up so we can all start getting serious about this campaign and how we can beat Jim Seward (that is my guess as to who will run assuming Boehlert retires.

by the way, I would like to point out that I called this a few days ago........

"I do not work for the arcuri campaign, although I support him in this race. However, I suspect that the website may be up within a week. Looking back on your previous promise, have your checkbook ready. Also, I look forward to your fair coverage of his website, with links and the like. Thanks.

2:59 PM, March 03, 2006 "

Anonymous said...

is this a joke? First up is Leon Koziol. What will you do to his comments when you've had time to parse them and he's finished his participatory effort?

NWO-AOD said...

Tytler for Congress - campaign manager

Anonymous said...

nwo-aod, you say you're the campaign manager for Tytler? When will your website be up?