Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ray Meier Follows in Secretive Path of Boehlert

A couple days ago, I wrote about how Republican candidate Ray Meier has refused in the past to return an issues questionnaire distributed by Project Vote Smart. The questionnaire is a simple document sent out to all the candidates for state and national office in the United States, and it merely asks the candidates to state where they stand on the most important issues of the day. It disturbed me to see that Ray Meier had refused to provide those answers about the issues to his voters.

This morning, I was disappointed to see that Ray Meier would not be the first Republican to represent the 24th District who has refused to cooperate with Project Vote Smart. Sherwood Boehlert, it turns out, also decided not to give voters in our district information about his positions. He would not complete the Vote Smart questionnaire.

Call me crazy, but I fear the consequences of having a politician who likes to keep secrets from voters representing the 24th District in Congress. If Ray Meier won't even tell us where he stands on the issues, then what other secrets will he be keeping from us?

There's still time for Ray Meier to change his ways and fill out the 2006 Project Vote Smart Questionnaire. Will he do the right thing this time, or will he let us down again?

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Biggus Dickus said...

Are there any other politicians representing the people of the 24th district that have intentionally hid their positions by not filling out the NPAT?

I won't insult your intelligence by assuming you don't know where this is going.