Wednesday, March 22, 2006

How Long Will Ray Meier Play The Internet Idiot?

It's been five days now since people found Ray Meier's campaign web site at - and five days since Ray Meier became the 24th District's Internet village idiot.

Ray Meier had months to prepare his web site - Sherwood Boehlert says so. Boehlert told Ray Meier far in advance that he was not going to run for re-election in 2006. So, Ray Meier could have easily prepared his campaign web site offline, and kept it a secret until Congressman Boehlert announced. He didn't need to tip his hat. He could have registered the web site as or something like that. It's what Eliot Spitzer while he was still trying to keep people guessing about whether he would run for Governor. This is standard practice - not rocket science.

Yet, what did Ray Meier do? He registered himself a web site just two days in advance of Sherwood Boehlert's announcement, and then put up a goofy message, like a kid who doesn't know what to do with himself.

Here's all of what Ray Meier had to say about why we should vote for him:

"Hello, World"

That's it. No graphics, no other text. Just a white screen and the words: Hello, world.

I understand Ray, that for some people, explaining themselves is a difficult thing to do. Not everybody is a good writer. Still, I think that you might want to refine your campaign announcement online to something beyond Hello, World.

Let me make the following suggestion for expanding the content of your web site, so that it's more comprehensive, and deals with the issues that matter to the people of New York's 24th congressional district:

Hello, world.

Hello, America.

Hello, New York.

Hello, Finger Lakes.

Hello, Adirondacks.

Hello, Utica.

Hello, Cortland.

Hello, Auburn.

Hello, War in Iraq.

Hello, record-breaking Republican borrow and spend Congress.

Hello, corruption scandals.

Hello, attacks on freedom.

Hello, failed GOP energy policy.

Hello, government spying on American citizens.

Hello, jobs going overseas.

Hello, Republican Paris Hilton Millionaire Inheritance Tax Exemption.

Hello, global warming.

Hello, trade deficit.

Hello, cuts in education.

Hello, cuts in health care for senior citizens.

Hello, radical right wing agenda.

Hello, kitty.


Anonymous said...

how long do you have???

Anonymous said...

I love hello kitty