Monday, March 20, 2006

Ray Meier Refuses Project Vote Smart

Those of us in the 24th District who are looking for clues to the public character of Ray Meier, who will likely announce his candidacy for the Republican nomination to replace Sherwood Boehlert in Congress, might do well to consider the information that has been gathered over at Project Vote Smart about Meier's political positions:

Absolutely nothing.

In 2004, Ray Meier point blank refused to fill out an NPAT, the National Political Awareness Test that is sent to all candidates for state and national office by Project Vote Smart. Here's what you'll find when you try to look up Ray Meier's political stands on

"Senator Raymond a. Meier repeatedly refused to provide any
responses to citizens on issues through the 2004 National political awareness test

Senator Raymond A. Meier refused to provide this information when asked to do so by:

Major news organizations and key national leaders of both parties including,

John McCain, Republican senator
Geraldine Ferraro, former Democratic congresswoman
Michael Dukakis, former Democratic governor
Bill Frenzel, former Republican congressman
Richard Kimball, Project Vote Smart president"

What does this tell me about Ray Meier? It tells me that Senator Meier doesn't want voters to know where he stands, because he's afraid that if the public knew his positions, he would lose their support.

Maybe you can get away with that kind of insult to the voters in a campaign for State Senate, but it's not going to fly in a race for the United States House of Representatives.

The NPAT has yet to be collected by Project Vote Smart this year. Let's hope that, in 2006, Ray Meier thinks better of his past stubborn refusal to be accountable to the voters.

Fill out the questionnaire, Mr. Meier, so that we can see who you really are.

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Anonymous said...

well that pretty much sums up his time spent in the Senate. There for himself and his people, and not caring about the citizens in the district.