Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ray Meier for Wal-Mart Greeter

ray meier for congress hello worldRay Meier's web site still has nothing on it but the message: "Hello, world." in little words in the upper left-hand corner of a big field of white.

On one level, I have to admit that this very silly mistake just gives me the chuckles. So, I couldn't hold myself back. If Ray Meier's first thought on running for Congress is just to say, "Hello, world," well, then maybe he shouldn't be running for Congress after all. Maybe Ray Meier should be applying for a job as a greeter at Wal-Mart, where he could say hello to people all day long, without all that pressure of having to come up with all those difficult statements about where he stands on the issues.

That's where, jokes aside, Ray Meier seems to be incompatible with the United States House of Representatives. Whether we're Democrats, Republicans, or political independents, we need someone to represent us in Congress who doesn't think of communicating with us as an afterthought. We need a representative who is willing to communicate with all of us, whether we write big checks for his election campaign or not.

A man who can't think of anything to say online for the first week of his campaign than, "Hello, world" does not fit that bill.

Sorry, Ray. Cheer up, though. I hear that the employment standards at Wal-Mart are not so stringent, and I think you'd look good in a blue vest.


Anonymous said...

hello kitty

Anonymous said...

I think you are giving Wal Mart a bad name, at least they created a few jobs here by selling imported goods made by slave labor in China, maybe he should be running for President.

24 Independent said...

Well, Wal-Mart does a pretty good job of earning a bad name all on its own, but yes, associating any business with the name of Ray Meier is a kind of back-handed insult

Frank Kelsey said...

Ray Meier is a fine NYS senator and will be an even better Congressman. He is a much more principled individual than Sherry Boehlert ever was.
Ray has common sense, experience, a philosophy of decency and humanity, and makes Mike Arcuri sound like a stumblebum. Mike Arcuri said in one debate that he's not concerned with illegal immigration since NY isn't a border state....I rest my case.