Thursday, March 09, 2006

Michael Arcuri Campaign Web Site UP!

At long last, the Michael Arcuri for Congress campaign web site is up. This comes two weeks after I began my donation challenge, so as soon as I get back to Trumansburg where my checkbook lies, I'll send a $300 donation to the Arcuri for Congress campaign.

Honestly, though, I'm a little bit stymied as how to do so. I won't be making a credit card payment online, because there is no place to do so. I won't be able to get in contact with the campaign by email or telephone number either, because the contact page only has a mailing address, and a P.O. Box at that. Every time I've tried to get in touch with the email addresses I've gotten for Arcuri's campaign, I haven't gotten a response. I guess I'll just send a check in and see what happens.

Also, there is a discussion board over at the Arcuri web site. I'll try that too. It will be interesting to see what goes on over there. There is no discussion board on the Les Roberts campaign site.

From now on, the race will be a lot more interesting. We can start to compare two of the Democratic candidates on substance, based on what they choose to present of themselves online, which one hopes will be much more frequently updated than what we're getting in the newspapers.

Look for, in the days to come, the start of that examination.


Anonymous said...

Nice website. Easy functionality. The real point is he is a candidate, announcement or not.

If Boehlert doesn't run, then Ray Meier is poised to enter the race and will be the Republican nominee.

Jim Seward has his Walter Rich problem as you already pointed out.

Mike Arcuri is the only candidate who can go toe to toe with Meier for the support of Oneida County voters. Outside Oneida County, the question is who can raise the most money and perhaps which County Committees sit on their hands. He who hesitates is lost.

Steve Cox said...

Jonathan, the online donation module and the interactive 24th CD maps will follow very shortly (I'm promised!) the meanwhile, a check will do fine, thank you. Keep on us to make the online presence all it should be.

bubba said...

Yes, I am told that online donations will be along soon. They are finding a reputable and most importantly secure company to handle those transactions on the web for them. That is a good thing considering all of the online and other types of identity theft going on. For the short term though sending a check tot he P.O box would I'm sure be fine.

Arcuri For Congress
P.O. Box 8508
Utica, NY 13505

Anonymous said...

I found very humorous Chief Pylman's comments about Michael Arcuri's UPD investigation (The Observer-Dispatch: March 9, 2006)... attributing Arcuri's investigation to his political campaign. Whatever the reason, it's good to see this real issue is finally being addressed. Although, as I posted to my blog (, it's likely that nothing will come of it.

Anonymous said...

that blindpoints bulletin website leads you to some religious bible site. Pretty disengenuous of that guy to do that. he should be removed.

Anonymous said...

Decent, but Mike should get rid of some of the pics that look like he's on a dating web site

UpstateDem said...

A correction on Arcuri's website. He states that his grandparents and greatgrandparents came to america late 20th century and early 21st century. This would be hard accomplishishment for someone who was born in America in middle of the 20th century as Acruri was.