Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Who is running against Sherwood Boehlert?

Okay, so we know that, above all else, the people of New York State's 24th congressional district do NOT want Sherwood Boehlert to represent them in Congress anymore.

That said, who is going to take on Sherwood Boehlert in the general election this fall?

Oh, good question. A lot of good Democrats are signing up for duty to campaign for the Democratic nomination in the 24th District this November. Here are some possibilities:

Jeff Miller - professor of communications at Utica College, and the 2004 Democratic nominee for the House of Representatives. Really nice guy, intelligent, and sincerely dedicated to progressive values, with a family that's as cute as the Dickens.
Brian Goodell - Union leader from Lansing. Ran for the Democratic nomination in 2004 against Jeff Miller, but withdrew after the Democratic county committees all gave their endorsements to Jeff Miller. Hope that doesn't happen this time - the voters of the 24th District deserve a chance to make their own selection, instead of Democratic Party insiders making the choice for them, don't you think?
Les Roberts - Nationally recognized figure whose epidemiological studies of the effects of war have involved him in many important issues in the federal government. Best known for his in-the-field research into civilian casualties in Iraq, Roberts has been to Iraq himself, as well as to Afghanistan, and other war zones, which is more than many members of Congress can say. Les Roberts seems the candidate with the best credentials to deal with issues of national and international importance, and has the best campaign organization so far. For example, none of the other Democratic candidates even has a web site up for their campaigns, and it's just nine months and counting until the general election, with just over six months until the Democratic primary.
Mike Arcuri - District Attorney for Oneida County, keeps on saying that he's going to run, but then nothing happens. Seems to be having problems getting his campaign started. Perhaps the demands of being a DA are a bit too much?
Leo Koziol - He's an attorney, and people say he's determined to go for the Democratic nomination all the way to the primary. Otherwise, he's a bit of a cipher.

The Democratic primary is in September, and the filing deadline is a couple of months before that. So, now is the time for you to figure out which Democrat running in the 24th District you want to help. When I say help, I mean help. Don't just donate money. Volunteer! There's a lot of work to be done between then and now.

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