Thursday, January 19, 2006

Sherwood Boehlert is the Lowest Hanging Fruit

Les Roberts, at the Sego Cafe in Oneonta on January 9, told a crowd of supporters,

"Sherwood Boehlert is the lowest-hanging fruit on the Republican tree."

Les Roberts, one of the Democrats vying to take on Sherwood Boehlert in this year's general election for Congress, is right. The problem with Sherwood Boehlert is summed up as follows:

1. Boehlert is a Republican, and as such, lends support unsavory, corrupt politicians like Tom DeLay and Randy Cunningham.

2. Boehlert isn't even a very powerful Republican, and so does not have a lot of weight with his GOP colleagues in Washington, D.C.

3. However, as a Republican member of Congress, Sherwood Boehlert is likely to lose what little power he does have in Congress, as the Democrats are predicted to regain control of the House of Representatives this year. Sherwood Boehlert will be the lowest-hanging fruit on the lowest bough on the congressional tree.

David Grodsky, a man from Morris, saw Les Roberts speak in Oneonta, and his words sum up the attitude across New York's 24th District this year: "It’s time for a change. We need a different congressman."

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