Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Arcuri Thinks The Goal Is For Him To Get Money

The Michael Arcuri re-election team sent me yet another campaign fundraising email today. I'm getting several of these a week now, and they've really been bothering me, because Congressman Arcuri seems happy to ask for my vote, but he never tells me why I ought to vote for him. Apparently, he thinks that I'll just watch his TV commercials for information.

This afternoon's email sums up quite well what the Mike Arcuri for Congress campaign has become all about: Money. There's no policy content in the email, just this:

"I wanted to forward you this email I just received from my finance director. It looks like we're just $6,700 away from hitting our goal."

Our goal? Our goal? Does Representative Arcuri really think that I share with him the goal of helping him to collect big wads of money? No, Mr. Arcuri, it is not our goal for you to take my money. That's your goal.

You know what my goal is? It's to get a member of Congress who will support climate legislation, and support real health care reform, and oppose anti-Muslim scapegoating, and defend my constitutional rights.

Re-electing Mike Arcuri to Congress doesn't do anything to satisfy my goal. Arcuri has turned out to be a right wing Blue Dog Democrat, so consistently in league with the Republican Party in the House of Representatives that he might as well have the letters GOP tatooed on his forehead.

As far as I'm concerned, Congressman Arcuri can take his goal and shove it.

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