Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Arcuri Gives Rotten Labor Day With Opposition To Health Care Reform

Yesterday, our Blue Dog Congressman, Mike Arcuri, sent out a Labor Day message in which he posed as a friend of workers:

"On today, Labor Day, I am reminded of all the sacrifices made by workers here in Upstate New York. I am proud to come from the first state to celebrate Labor Day, back in 1882, and the first state to introduce a bill to make the first Monday in September a workers' holiday. Our country has changed a lot since that first workers' parade in New York City, but the challenges that working people face remain the same..."

... which is why Michael Arcuri opposed health care reform. Sure.

How can Representative Arcuri expect us to believe that he's an ally of working Americans, when he sided with big insurance companies to try to block better access to medical care for workers?

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