Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Will Michael Arcuri admit that he was wrong?

Many 24th district Democrats are starting to fret that I am openly denouncing Michael Arcuri's candidacy. Tonight, one wrote in with the complaint that my little blog here is giving the Republicans the victory that they want.

Well, that's flattering, but realistically, that's not how it works. It's the voters that will deliver the election to one candidate or another. I'm just giving out information to the voters. Lately, that information is damning to Michael Arcuri, but is that my fault?

I'm not a party hack. I'm nobody's shill. Nobody pays me to write this blog, and I'm not about to give up my independent voice to serve someone else's agenda. I set up this blog to promote the ideals that I think ought to be represented in the House of Representatives. I value those ideals over any political party, and over any political candidate.

I'm willing to be somewhat pragmatic, which is why I supported the candidacy of Michael Arcuri until last week. Michael Arcuri takes many wrong stands, and some right stands. He's a lousy campaigner, and he's an arrogant politician who takes pains to restrict communication with his constituents. On the other hand, a Democratic majority is important.

However, as I see it, the Military Commissions Act trumps everything else. The Military Commissions Act, HR 6166, is so devastating to the foundations of American democracy that I feel morally obligated to oppose any politician who supports it.

The Military Commissions Act legalizes torture, ends enforcement of the Geneva Conventions, allows war criminals to walk free, allows the President to round up and imprison people in secret merely by naming them "enemy", revokes habeas corpus in defiance of the clear standards of the Constitution, and establishes a new system of courts with rules so overwhelmingly slanted against the accused that anyone could be convicted of anything - and put to death - even without evidence of guilt.

This is not just wrong. It is a threat to our very civilization. It is not an issue that I will compromise. I will oppose any politician who supports the Military Commissions Act. Period. No exceptions.

Now, if Michael Arcuri's campaign is feeling the heat and is threatened by this stand that I take, then it's up to Michael Arcuri to do the right thing. Every Democrat who comes to read this blog knows that Michael Arcuri did the wrong thing when he gave his support to the Republican Military Commissions Act.

If Mike Arcuri wants me to lay off, then all he has to do is what he should do anyway. All Michael Arcuri has to do is admit that he made a mistake when he endorsed the Military Commissions Act.

Just a little mea culpa, Mr. Arcuri, and then I'll lay off your campaign and I'll start pounding away at Ray Meier. It's that easy.

You know Michael Arcuri made a mistake. I know Michael Arcuri made a mistake. Now, will Michael Arcuri admit that he made a mistake?

It's his choice, not mine.


Anonymous said...

Arcuri made a tactical decision, not a mistake.

Perhaps you don't see the vicious TV negative ads in Trumansburg. They don't have much to go on, but they are ramming it home like it's the end of the world coming. He didn't give them another opening by simply agreeing with this bill.

The 24th District is not going to be won by ideological putity. It's going to be a bare knuckle political fight from here on out and both candidates will be hitting below the belt if it means winning.

That's just the way it is.

24 Independent said...

It makes me sick to see fellow Democrats like "anonymous" arguing in favor of torture and Republican attacks on our freedoms!

These people argue that it's worth ripping the Constitution to shreds, just to get a Democrat elected. Have they no moral foundations? Is there no limit at which they stop in their desire to win for winning's sake?

Ideological purity? Come on! This is about giving Bush the power to torture and to shove his political enemies in prison without trial!

Get a grip on yerself!

Anonymous said...

There's a reason Cindy Sheehan is not crusading for peace in Iraq but for Iraq.

It's the same reason that voting against Mike Arcuri is not going to stop George Bush and his cronies from even more brutal attacks on the Constitution.

There's a place for ideology and a place for action and they are not always the same place.

You remind me of my wife Jon. Lovely person but she can't see when she is wrong and will never admit it afterward. Even I can see that is one of your weaknesses. That's not a bad thing, everyone has weaknesses, but you have to learn what your own are and compensate for them.

I've tried to help you see this, but now you are on your own. Good luck.