Thursday, October 05, 2006

Continued Support for Mike Arcuri is Irrational

I understand that it's difficult for Democrats to not vote for a Democrat in times like these. Many Democrats feel that "they" have been out of power for too long, and they yearn to see someone from "their" team representing them in government. I understand. I've felt that way for years.

But, is Michael Arcuri really on your team? Are you willing to say that you're part of the team to legalize torture, to revoke habeas corpus, to end enforcement of the Geneva Conventions, to give amnesty to war criminals, and to allow the President of the United States to imprison anyone he wants?

Many Democrats rationalize their continued support for Michael Arcuri by saying that, once Arcuri is elected, he will return to the mainstream of the Democratic Party, and will end his support for President Bush and the Republican agenda.

I know it's hard to give up hope on Michael Arcuri, but hopes like these are irrational. The difficult truth is that, in the House of Representatives, the campaigning never stops. As soon as one election is over, members of the House begin positioning themselves for the next election, two years later.

So, if you say that it's an intelligent campaign move for Michael Arcuri to help the President of the United States and the Republican Party to dismantle the Bill of Rights, and you vote for him with that excuse in hand, get ready. Get ready, because you will have taught Mike Arcuri a bad lesson - that to win elections, he needs to cave in to the Republicans.

This won't be the last time Arcuri betrays your values. He'll do it over and over again, secure in the belief that you would never ever vote against him. He'll take you for granted, while he sets his sights on winning the affection of Republican voters.

If Arcuri is willing to sacrifice habeas corpus to get elected this time, what will he sacrifice next time? The right to a free press?

If you don't think there will be a next time, you're fooling yourself. Democrats who keep on supporting Michael Arcuri in spite of his betrayal of us are like women who stay with men who hit them. They make excuses, and say that it was just a one-time thing. No matter how many times they're hit, they say it was justified.

Allow Michael Arcuri to strike out and break your freedom now, and it won't be the last time. Your rational mind knows this to be true. Emotionally, you've built up a connection with the Arcuri for Congress campaign. That's understandable, but you have to have the moral strength to end this dysfunctional relationship.

Women who have children with violent husbands have a moral obligation to their children to leave their husbands, because it isn't just the women who get hit. The kids get hit too.

It's the same thing with Michael Arcuri. Maybe you're willing to give up your freedom. Maybe you're willing to risk it that you won't yourself be greeted at the door by Homeland Security agents ready to take you off to one of Bush's gulags on a trumped up charge.

If that's true, you need to stop thinking about yourself. You need to start thinking about the people who are more vulnerable than you. It's not just your freedom that has been taken away. You need to start thinking about others who, though innocent of any crime, will suffer the extreme consequences of the Military Commissions Act.

We already know of innocent people who have been picked up in the United States, flown off to prisons in undisclosed locations overseas, and tortured. These people never lifted a hand against the United States of America. Michael Arcuri supports the continuation of the program that abused these people.

If you support Michael Arcuri in this election, you're supporting that program too.

A Democrat came here last night and suggested that it's okay for Michael Arcuri to support this program of arbitrary imprisonment and torture, because it's what's needed to get elected.

What will be needed next time?

Getting a Democrat elected is not worth it. I am a Democrat, but I vote for freedom first.


Curious said...

If we elect Arcuri, there's a chance we can replace him in 2008. If we elect Meier, we'll never get rid of him. Ever.

Anonymous said...

It is extremely important that voters in general distinguish between a moral induced obligatory vote and a sound researched educated decision. Rarely will you find a politician that is completely aligned with all of an individuals moral perspectives.
Do politicians use wedge issues that are designed to force a fast moral judgement, rather than a prudent, sound and intellectual one based on facts rather than distortion? Absolutely!!! Voters beware of terms like "Moral Obligation" they only influnce us to vote emotionally rather than intellectually.

(It is to the detriment of society that so many clouded and distorted minds use their voice to influence the people).

NoMoreArcuri said...

If elected, Mike Arcurious will stay in office far longer than Meier. Just like he has as DA, Mike will avail himself of every crony and scam he can use to keep the office. His cancer, and personal brand of corruption will "embed" him in our political landscape until he gets caught at a scum scandal, or someone just gets fed up and offs him.

If he's this crooked and sneaky as a low-end DA, exactly what do you expect from this sleazeball as Congressman?

Mike Arcuri will lose all resemblance of a "Public Official" for sure in this office. And who knows what crooked and shady resources he'll use to get re-elected and re-elected, all the while, spewwing his weak, local version of "service".

He'll continue to "duck" responsibility and accountablilty, as he already does for Oriska, and his excess baggage of dozens of screwwy criminal "Raolroad jobs" and "Super Sekrit" scams, that we'll never even know about.

Mike Arcuri is DYING for this office based upon it's corruption potential alone. And its clear that a good many of his supporters are in on the evil plan with him.

Arcuri's supporters are either: A, Duped into believing his totally fake "act" about wantingto be a serious, ethical Congressman, or: B, "In on the scam" with him.

Either way, Ray Meier is rough, but historically correctable.

All we have to go on about Mike's past is the abysmal track record we've seen from his sorry ass as DA.

With Mike as "Shady Congressman, there's no telling who's lives will be ruined by his powerbrokering and crooked, secret deals. If even half of the things we've been reading about Arcuri are true, we can expect him to bend every resource and rule to stay in office. People will be crushed in this man's ignorant, fumbling Public Service, and we'll never ever know unless Mike continues to be as stupid a criminal as he is a stupid DA.

Does that make you comfortable knowing Mike Arcuri will be out there screwing his constituents, whilst parading around in a most childish and personally motivated way.

Exactly as we have proven him to be doin whilst he is your less-than-esteemed DA.

7:42 is dead wrong, and probably knows it.

Once this Lying, Secretive, Public Leach gets ensconced in there, only a scandal will get him out.

Curious said...

No mas Arcuri:

No, I don't know that I'm "dead wrong," although I don't know that I'm dead right, either. I'm basing my guess on our historical difficulties unseating sitting GOP state senators, assemblypeople, and yes, Congressmen in this area.

It's oh-so easy for people to come out of the woodwork and claim that their high school friends, cousins, or brothers-in-law were wrongly prosecuted by a vindictive DA, but the stakes here are much higher than their petty gripes. Everyone knows Utica is corrupt from top to bottom--boo hoo, ho hum. That being so, my question is: Why was it so damn necessary that our candidates come from there?

Meier has been gunning for this seat his whole life. Arcuri woke up one morning and had the possibility handed to him. Both are running out of ambition and ego, not ideology, and that makes it really hard for anyone who believes in anything to pull the lever for either one.

But I'd strongly encourage you to read the Libertarian platform before casting your vote for Sylvia.

NoMoreArcuri said...

I can't say I see any problem with what you've said 7:42. Except the part about people's relatives and cousins complaining. This complaining and these "gripes" came from a wrong, percieved or real. So considering Mike's bad track record, I think those opinions and messages are critical to getting an insight into this man.

You are correct, whoever wins will likely do everything they can to stay there a long time.

We're hoping the general unrest this election, and people's being upset at the way things are going in America and with Congress in particular, will cause them to remain as vocal, and even more than we have seen here, this crazy year.

Anonymous said...

You'd be a fool to vote for Arcuri now. I am changing parties because of him. I will vote for Ray.If Arcuri wins he will turn his back on all the Democrats. His goal is to climb up the political ladder. If he has to step on your toes to get there he will. He supports the torure law because that's what he indulges in now. The tag team Dwyer and Arcuri. Whether you are a Commissioner,Councilman Correction Officer or Civilian. He has no regards for human decency. Look what he's managed to do to Utica. His word means absolutely nothing. This man is dangerous because he has no conscience. He has no real law training. Wake up and run that snake out of Utica.