Sunday, October 01, 2006

Michael Arcuri Reaffirms He Supports Torture Law

I just came back home from a meeting of the Ulysses Democratic Committee, not even a quarter mile away from my home. Even I, who have been covering this campaign all year, have trouble believing the duplicity of the Michael Arcuri for Congress campaign.

There Michael Arcuri stood in the kitchen of some of my neighbors, and talked about how important it is to elect himself to Congress so that we can defend liberty from George W. Bush. He even uttered the words "habeas corpus".

But, just a few minutes earlier, when he was asked by Ulysses Democrats if he indeed supported HR 6166, he said yes, because it's important to protect American soldiers. HR 6166, which will signed into law by the President of the United States any day now, does the following:

1. Revokes habeas corpus
2. Allows torture to create "extreme pain", and even the use of sex as a form of torture
3. Allows the President of the United States to declare any person to be an enemy, and thereby to take away every one of that person's rights
4. Allows the President to throw people into jail for the rest of their lives without charging them with a crime
5. To set up kangaroo courts in which
a- defendants do not have the right to see the evidence against them
b- neither defendants nor their representatives cannot cross examine people who testify against them
c- defendants can be banished from the courtroom at any moment, even if they do not disrupt the proceedings
d- the trial can begin BEFORE an investigation into the alleged crime takes place
e- evidence that is the product of torture and other forms of coercion is allowed
f- defendants have no 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination
g- defendants do not even have to be told the nature of the crimes of which they are accused
h- records of the trial can be kept secret from the American people forever

Michael Arcuri reaffirmed at this very same meeting that he supports everything that you see above, yet he has the audacity to come into my village and tell people that he will defend liberty?

Has he no shame?

Michael Arcuri is either a scoundrel or an idiot. Quite likely he is both.


Allen Carstensen said...

I can't argue with any of that. I couldn't stay to listen to him (just as well) but I got a report that he admited he hadn't read the bill. Of course for a person running for congress to have not read the bill means he is a scoundrel and an idiot as you say. The only reason to vote for him is to TAKE BACK CONGRESS. (and that's a big one)

Anonymous said...

Someone should look at the note on this site: