Monday, October 02, 2006

Michael Arcuri Denies Press Requests For Interviews

What we saw of Michael Arcuri today in interview was high in sound bites, but frighteningly low in details. It was more of the rule than the exception for Michael Arcuri to not really know much about the subjects he was asked about.

The word has gotten around that Michael Arcuri is trying to speak as little in public in possible because he's afraid that his ignorance will cause embarassing gaffes.

That would explain why Mike Arcuri has, for so long, ignored attempts by the press to help give him coverage through interviews.

Take Eric Kuhn, for example. Eric Kuhn interviews plenty of politicians for the radio, like Eliot Spitzer and Cindy Sheehan. Michael Arcuri could have gotten plenty of attention for his campaign with an Eric Kuhn interview, but he has refused to sit for an interview.

Here's what the Eric Kuhn web site has to say about Michael Arcuri:

'Kuhn and Company' strongly believes in giving both sides a chance to come onto the show. We have used numerous channels to bring Democrat Michael A. Arcuri on, but he has denied all requests thus far.

Incompetent, lazy, campaigning. That's what we Democrats in New York's 24th congressional district got as a reward for not putting Michael Arcuri through a primary contest.

Note for 2008: Let's have a primary, and let the Democratic voters decide who should represent them. The County Democratic Committees seem not to be able to make a competent choice.


KAZ said...

You're talking Eric Kuhn, class of '09, Hamilton College?? He does a nice job, but it wouldn't be MY top priority.

24 Independent said...

I'm talking air time.

I'm talking a guy who has had interviews with top policy makers.

I'm talking an unbelievable arrogance on the part of Michael Arcuri.

Message sent.

Anonymous said...

About 6 people listen to college radio. Arcuri does real radio interviews all the time. Don't confuse effective use of a candidate's time with unwillingness to speak in public.

24 Independent said...

Uh huh. Sure. 6 people. Tell that to the listeners of WEOS.

The point is missed that a bad image of Michael Arcuri has been created. Ray Meier had the intelligence to get on. Mike Arcuri didn't.

This is just more excuses and arrogance. Us little people don't matter, huh? Typical stuff from the Arcuri campaign.

KAZ said...

Keep in mind that the Arcuri campaign had no media advisor at all until three weeks ago.

I don't think there's a concerted effort not to talk to the media. It's just happening rather late in the game--approximately four to five months later than many of us would have liked.

NoMoreArcuri said...

Yeah, Mike Does radio interviews "all the time"?

That's BS! Thats spin! Mike historically goes to WIBX, and, if this tells you anything about how "cushy" the relationship is: One of their top Morning newsguys has a huge "Arcuri" sign in his front yard not 1000 feet from Con-Med.

Mike goes on WIBX and Keeler because he knows they handle him with kid gloves. He has friends there.

Exactly how tough are those questions? Even when WIBX promises "tough" questions we hear none of the tough questions.

Eric Kuhn may not be a heavyweight yet, but it's almost all we've got. Local media tries to pla "nice-guy"{ with everyone.

The Oriska scam alone would have buried Mike Arcuri in the Hudson Valeey media, yet the mohawk valley media is kept "in control" by the Political and State figures up here.

Fact: Mike Arcuri has been warned about interviews and such. The last thing he wants is to be exposed for an idiot by some college kid writing a blog.

Which, while having far more readers and listeners than "6", would give CNY voters an actual, you know' opportunity to make a choice for themselves.

If we read Kuhn, and listen to the interviews, as slow as we are, I'm sure others are.

Mike's hiding from the light is simply self-preservation: He's a pre-packaged, Soundbite Spewwing fake. And Even the DCCC will be surprised when Mike gets a toe in that door.

Shitty local Politician = Shitty National Politician.

Anonymous said...

I took a look at - Kuhn gets HUGE people to come on his show. Ed Koch, Cindy Sheehan, Eliot Spitzer, Pat Buchanan, Ron Reagan, Tucker Carlson, Andrea Mitchell...these people are on TV ALL THE TIME!

If Kuhn really only has 6 people listening, I highly doubt these people would come on when they can go on national television any time they want.

Anonymous said...

Arcuri is a coward because of his continual refusal to talk with Eric Kuhn and that is one of the many reasons why he doesn’t deserve to win the NY-24.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of who is doing the broadcast or where it is coming from, any politician who declines interviews with ANYONE during an election campaign is either trying desperately to hide something or is in the wrong profession. What politician would deny the chance to hear themselves speak? Kuhn does a tremendous job with his interviews and pulls in people far more influential than Michael Arcuri. And, by the way, wasn't Eric Kuhn the man who interviewed that woman who works with the homeless in NYC??

Mell said...

College radio is important! at my school (wheaton college) 6 people listen, but thats not the case with all college stations. alot of college stations extend to the towns around. and besides, wouldn't you want to go out and speak with or twoards a college audience if you were trying to win the youth vote?

most college students are voting for the first time and are eager to listen to what politicans have to say (or i would think they would be). i know nothing about this Acuri guy, but we have politicians speak at our school all the time because they know how important it is to be heard amongst college students.

so really...what does it matter that it is a college station? and if we are making the assumption that no one listens to college radio, wouldn't it make it a more candid interview?

Andy said...

Eric Kuhn is a colleague of mine at WHCL, is VERY professional, and his "little college program" is heard by thousands of people as a podcast. This may mean nothing to certain luddite types in Utica to whom the Electric Internet is uncharted territory, though they plan to get color TV next year.

I've been interviewed by Eric also, and he's GOOD. The minute he throws his mortarboard in the air he'll be headed for a job at one of the major media outlets. Within ten years, he'll be as well known as Carlson, Blitzer, etc.

What's Arcuri afraid of? That he might have to answer an intelligent question? By definition, a D.A. talks for a living--and he's scared to appear on WHCL? Is this how he's going to behave in Congress?

Between Lucifer Cheney's pet boy Meier and Mike-shy Mike, I'm thinking there isn't much of a choice here.

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow! Andrew Sullivan was just on “Kuhn and Company” and Kuhn did an AMAZING job interviewing him. I saw Sullivan interviewed by Stephen Colbert and on CNN with Jack Cafferty – both amazing interviewers. Kuhn was certainly up to par with those two!

Anonymous said...

- Meier says YES, again, to in-studio interview. Scheduled for Oct. 30 at 7:30am.
- Arcuri campaign says he wants to come on, but will not schedule a time. Ball in their court.