Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ray Meier Will Not Cut the Size of Government

Reason #4 Not to Vote for Ray Meier: Ray Meier Will Not Cut the Size of Government

Republicans love to make campaign promises about how they're going to cut the size of government. But this year, the promises aren't being made so much as they're being merely suggested.

Take, for example, the following passage from Ray Meier's announcement speech:

"Everyday hard working New Yorkers have to watch their expenses and spend the money they earn carefully. They expect government at all levels to do the same. They know that a federal budget grown to $2.77 trillion and counting and growing deficits are a drain on themselves and a huge mortgage on their children’s future. As a state senator, I’ve focused on reforming entitlements like welfare and Medicaid, and shown that policies that provide for greater accountability for government bureaucracies and responsibility and independence for individuals can yield savings without hurting people. In Washington, I will always remember that every single dollar spent by government had to first be earned by a hard working taxpayer."

Wow! The federal budget has grown to $2.77 trillion dollars and counting? Federal budget defecits are a drain? Well, golly, it's a good thing that Ray Meier recognizes that, but is Ray Meier the kind of guy we can count on to help solve the problem in Congress?

Don't bet on it. Ray Meier will make the problem worse.

The reason is simple. The record size of the federal government was created by Republicans in Congress. The immense budget deficits that are draining our economy dry and creating a mortgage on our children's future were created by Republicans in Congress.

Do you notice how, in that passage from Ray Meier's speech, he doesn't promise to work to shrink the size of the federal government, and doesn't promise to reduce government spending? There's a reason for that. Ray Meier knows he can't make those kinds of promises - or, at least, he can't make those promises and keep them.

The Republican Congress and the Republican President have expanded the federal government to such an extent that they've broken all previous records. So, if you believe in small government, why would you vote to send another big government Republican to Congress?

The Republican Congress and the Republican President took budget surpluses and turned them into record-breaking budget deficits. So, if you're against big government spending, why would you vote to send another borrow-and-spend Republican to Congress?

Send Ray Meier to Congress, and he'll be part of the problem. He'll help to make the government bigger, and put our kids in debt with big budget deficits.

Ray Meier will not help to cut the size of the federal government. Period. That's reason #4 out of 30 to not vote for Ray Meier for Congress.


Anonymous said...

A simple statement to make about this and it's not excusing R's: members of both the major political parties voted for the war AND the Dept of Homeland Security (see: Sens. Clinton, Reid, McCain, and Reps. Delay, Pelosi). One thing indefensible for pro-Bush folks is that he has enlarged the federal government unnecessarily. We didn't need more bureaucracy to keep us safe, we needed less terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Oops, didn't finish the above post...

Furthermore, what the points to is the need for people of the 24th to pick someone who can work on both sides of the aisle and who will stand up for true Republican ideals of small government and that person is Ray Meier, who actually has a record to point to showing his small government ideals.

Anonymous said...

Republicans don't have a small government ideal. Otherwise, we wouldn't have the largest Federal and New York State governments in history under Bush and Pataki.

Republicans seem to be saying one thing and doing another as usual.

No wonder the rank and file are so discouraged and so many are ready to vote outside the party.

Curious said...

Reagan must be flipflopping in his grave over the way the Bush administration has grown government. All the Reagan Republicans I know plan to vote Democratic this year--but the biggest movement I know is the one to Vote No Incumbents--state AND national.