Sunday, September 17, 2006

Even Republicans Cannot Praise Ray Meier

Reason #3 to Not Vote for Ray Meier: Even Ray Meier's Republican Supporters Cannot Praise Him

If a candidate's supporters cannot bring themselves to praise him, why should we vote for him? Such is the case with Ray Meier. Oh, sure, Ray Meier's supporters love to talk about Michael Arcuri, and how much they hate him. However, when it comes to Ray Meier, they don't have much of anything to say.

At this late date, there still is not one single blog or web site particularly dedicated to supporting Ray Meier's campaign for Congress, other than Ray Meier's own campaign web site. Not one.

There are sites, like CNY Underground, operated by people who support Ray Meier's campaign, but the people who run these sites don't write about Ray Meier, and what a great congressman he would make. Instead, all they can do is criticize Mike Arcuri.

Don't get me wrong: These people should be free to write whatever they want. If they want to criticize Michael Arcuri instead of trying to write about what makes their own candidate a good choice, that's their business.

I just think it's worth noting that Michael Arcuri's supporters are different from Ray Meier's supporters in this regard. Michael Arcuri's supporters criticize Ray Meier, sure. But, Arcuri supporters also write positive articles about their own candidate. They have lots to say about what makes Arcuri a good choice.

Heck, people who are at all familiar with this blog know that I am not Michael Arcuri's biggest fan, but even I have written many articles praising Arcuri.

The negativity of Ray Meier supporters ought to serve as a warning to voters in New York's 24th congressional district, because the character of a candidate's campaign is an indication of what the character of the candidate's performance in office would be like.

We don't need a right wing representative who will spend all his time trying to pull other people down. Yet, Ray Meier's supporters only know how to attack. They don't know how to build anything positive. That's reason #3 out of 30 to not vote for Ray Meier for Congress.


Anonymous said...

The problem is that the attacks work and Arcuri just keeps giving them more and more ammunition. This whole situation with the NAACP just keeps getting worse and worse. Instead of handling the situation like you suggested Arcuri has gone on the defensive, totally missing the point of why his initial gaffe was so moronic.

Now the rumor is that they'll be meeting with Laura Bush when she's in town. There's not a damn thing she can do to help them, but once again the Repubs are going to drive home the point that Arcuri is in a pissing match with the NAACP. Can someone plese tell me why the DCCC thought this guy was a good bet?

24 Independent said...

The DCCC thought Arcuri was a good bet because they only look at things like instutional connections, the ability to create short term fundraising bursts, and prior election to public office.

The DCCC and its leader Rahm Emanuel has no concept of how to treat the Democratic Party as a conceptually coherent brand, and to evaluate candidates according to how well they fit into the brand.

Anonymous said...

What's Laura going to do read them a book? Bake them some cookies? The lady is useless and everybody knows it.