Saturday, August 26, 2006

Ray Meier's Iraq War Plan Is All Talk

Wondering what Ray Meier's plan for ending the Iraq War and bringing American soldiers home safely is? Well, wonder no more. Ray Meier has revealed the core of his plan for winning the Iraq War: Meier thinks that the way to end the war is just to talk about it differently.

It's enough to make you want to slap your forehead. When asked by MSNBC what mistakes he thinks George W. Bush has made in Iraq, Ray Meier has only this to say:

"Where I would fault the president is: he needs to explain to the American people what the goal is, and to talk about the commitment needed to do it. That has been one of the problems."

That's it. That's really it. All Ray Meier thinks President Bush has done wrong in Iraq is that he hasn't found a good way to talk to the American people about the war. Meier seems to think that, if only Bush could find some new talking points about Iraq, everything would turn around, America would win the war in no time flat, and all the glories that the Republicans told us this war would bring would magically come true.

What Ray Meier is incapable of understanding is that the problem with the Iraq War is not that President Bush has not explained his plan adequately. The problem with the Iraq War is that President Bush does not have an adequate plan. The Republicans never have had an adequate plan for this war.

President Bush can't explain what the goal of the Iraq War is because there is no achievable goal for the United States of America in this war. That's not the kind of rosy, feel-good news that American voters are used to hearing, but it's clearly the truth. Politicians who cannot accept this reality are not qualified for public office.

Ray Meier just doesn't get it. He's suffering from the same delusions that caused George W. Bush to start this bloody and disastrous war. That tells me that, even if he knew what he knows now, Ray Meier would vote to start the Iraq War all over again.

This isn't just Monday morning quarterbacking. It's an essential issue in the contest over New York State's 24th district seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, because given America's recent history, it's likely that our next representative will be asked once again to vote to approve a rush into an unwise war. Ray Meier has made it clear that he would vote yes for such a war, and that's the most important reason to cast a vote against Ray Meier on Election Day.


Anonymous said...

Chris Shays finally gets it. Iraq is the Republican's Vietnam.

Anonymous said...

And Mike Arcuris Iraq plan is all nonesense too, who are they kidding?

I'd like to see Mike Arcuri work on something other than being a viscous prosecuter before he graduates to working on real issues, he's obviously corrupt. You can deny that but theres too many out here now that see what the deal is!