Monday, August 28, 2006

Michael Arcuri Makes Good Impression in Trumansburg

michael arcuri in trumansburg paradeOn Saturday, Democratic congressional candidate Michael Arcuri came to Trumansburg for the annual Trumansburg Fair. The fair is an old one, going back to the 1800s, and has become the de facto Tompkins County fair.

In a well-organized effort, local activists handed out information about Mike Arcuri's campaign for Congress up and down Main Street, while Arcuri himself walked in the parade along with a group of supporters. Afterwards, Arcuri spoke with local voters at the fair itself.

Yesterday, I spoke some people who had been there on Saturday, and talked with Arcuri at the fair. They said that they had a generally favorable impression of Arcuri, and believe he is an electable candidate.

Did Ray Meier even show up for the fair or to walk in the parade? I didn't see him there.

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Anonymous said...

Now we're seeing a campaign.

I caught one of Meier's ads on TV yesterday. They are running on the same tired old playbook that the voters aren't believing anymore.

Democrats have a real opportunity this year, particularly so here in New York.

I like Mike!