Saturday, August 12, 2006

Rally for Social Security Monday Morning

It's gone from blistering hot to just plain nice outside this week, so enjoy the nice weather on Monday and take part in opportunity #9 to act independently to help out Michael Arcuri's campaign: Join the rally to protest Republican John Boehner, Majority Leader of the House of Representatives and Ray Meier.

John Boehner is coming to Cortland on Monday to help out Ray Meier's campaign for Congress. They'll hold a fundraiser for Meier, and then discuss Ray Meier's "Jobs and the Economy" platform. What platform will that be, pray tell? Why, destroying Social Security, of course!

No kidding. Republican John Boehner says that his first priority on returning to the House of Representatives next year will be dismantling the Social Security Trust Fund, and handing it over to Wall Street financial firms. Boehner wants to wait until after the elections because he realizes that the manuever isn't one that voters support. But Ray Meier - will he stand up to his new boss if he gets into Congress? Don't bet on it.

Take a look at Ray Meier's campaign web site. Search for Social Security there. You won't find it, and there's good reason for that. Ray Meier wants to help George W. Bush destroy Social Security, and siphon off the money that Americans have worked hard for into the bank accounts of financial investment firms on Wall Street. Those same firms are big Republican campaign donors. It's a cozy economic platform for everybody involved - except for American workers.

Citizen Action is organizing a rally in Cortland Monday morning to give us a chance to say no to this radical right wing economic agenda. Be there, and strike a blow against Ray Meier and John Boehner's sneaky plan to cheat you of the Social Security benefits that you have earned.

The information is below, in the flier from Citizen Action:

Celebrate Social Security’s – 71st Birthday
10:00 AM Monday August 14th
10 Main St. - Cortland
In Front of the Community Restaurant

The Big Gun From Congress
Congressional Majority Leader John Boehner
Who’s Top Priority is to
Privatize Social Security
Will be in Cortland on Monday for a Congressional Fundraiser!

Let’s Tell him what we think loud and clear

Boehner Pledges To Privatize Social Security:"We’re Going to Get Serious About This"
In an interview with the Washington Times published July 31,2006. House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) promised to privatize Social Security, saying "If I’m around in a leadership role come January, we’re going to get serious about this."

For More Information Contact Citizen Action –723-0110


Curious said...

Thanks so much for keeping us up to speed on events that the Arcuri campaign seems too inept to post for itself. Hmm. If he's elected, maybe you can stay on and apprise us of his votes, too. Anyway, your posts are much appreciated.

24 Independent said...

Thanks, Curious.

As a matter of fact, I do plan to keep this blog going after the election, to keep track of the votes of our next congressional representative - no matter who wins.

Anonymous said...

No mention of the poll showing Arcuri with a 4 point lead?