Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Volunteer for Your Local Democratic Call Bank

This morning, I'll suggest a 3rd way for you to help out the Michael Arcuri campaign for Congress without having to wait for the campaign itself to get around to finding you something to do. Contact your town Democratic Committee, and volunteer for the Election Day telephone banks. But don't just wait until Election Day. Volunteer to help out with the effort to, between now and November, update your town's calling lists. Out with the old numbers, in with the new.

Voter turnout is the key to defeating the Republicans this year. Though Democrats are outnumbered, it's been a long time since independents have been so likely to swing to the Democratic side, and Republicans are so dispirited that many are likely to stay at home. Still, it's a mid-term election, and many Democrats will just plain forget that there's an election on - unless they're called.

Of course, a phone bank revitalization is great for more than just the campaign to elect Mike Arcuri. Local Democratic campaigns will be bolstered too. Furthermore, strengthening local Democratic infrastructure is a great way to prepare for 2008.

Give the local Democrats a call today. It sounds boring. It sounds basic. But then, often, boring and basic win the day. Do you care enough about the exciting issues of the day that are being fought over in this race to submit yourself to a bit of tedium?

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Mary Ann said...

To help in the Town of Dryden contact We also have a race for one town board position.

For contact info for other towns go to Tompkins County Contacts