Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Easy Independent Activism #2: Go to the Debate

Easy independent activism item #2 for Arcuri supporters: Go to the Arcuri vs. Meier debate tonight. It's at the campus of SUNY Oneonta, Red Dragon Theater at Hunt Union, at 7:00 PM. Call 607-436-3505 for information.

This is likely to be a pro-Arcuri crowd, as there will surely be a large number of students and other people connected to the campus at the event. On average, the more education you get, the more liberal you get. That's one reason the Republicans have so much antipathy to education. Join the SUNY Oneonta crowd and cheer on Arcuri. Give Ray Meier's pro-Bush policies the cold silent treatment.

And oh, yes... tell your friends, family and coworkers about it. Another Mike Arcuri name drop.

Note to Michael Arcuri's campaign: You might want to put this event as a news item on your web site and an event on your campaign calendar so that people on your side actually know about it.


Anonymous said...

In 2004,the college degree group voted nearly 10 points plus for Bush.The advanced degree demographic vote plus 8% for Kerry.That group is overloaded to the unniversity class.But, in raw numbers the more educated voted Bush.

mythsmasher said...

The Libertarian candidate, Michael Sylvia, should be included in all debates for the alternative to the the Arcuri/Meier big government policies. End the wars on Iraq, drugs, and property owners.

Check out www.mikesylvia.org and www.ny.lp.org as well as www.electclifton.org for a look at gubernatorial candidate John Clifton. Unlike Hillary, Libertarian Senate candidate Jeff Russell opposes the war on Iraq and the Patriot Act. His website is www.russellforsenate.org.

Please sign the Libertarian party petitions and let the voters decide.

Richard Cooper, Chair
Libertarian Party of New York

Anonymous said...

This debate seems to have been hastily cobbled together. First they were, then they weren't, then I heard about the debate one day before it takes place. There's been hardly any meaningful coverage on the news. Hello??? I'd like to know what went down!