Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Reason 13: Ray Meier's Campaign is Smoking!

Ray Meier's FEC report hands me another reason to vote for Michael Arcuri on Election Day this year. Reason #13: Ray Meier's campaign is built on smoke.

Tobacco smoke.

I'm noting the contribution that Ray Meier took from the Altria Group Inc. Political Action Committee. Don't know what Altria does for a living? Well, that's because the company changed its name a few years back in order to try to escape its bad reputation. Altria was once known as Philip Morris. Altria is a tobacco company, selling cigarettes (with free lung cancer and heart attacks!) to people all around the world.

What the heck is Ray Meier doing taking money from Altria? New York's congressional district is not rich in tobacco fields, or cigarette factories. Helping Altria won't help our district's economy. On the contrary, the huge health care costs related to smoking are crippling us all, whether we smoke or not.

Altria's money is dirty money, but will Ray Meier send that check back? Don't bet on it. When it comes to corporations seeking to buy influence over him, Ray Meier inhales, but he never exhales.


Anonymous said...

He also is fond of that FEDPAC or whatever its called. The PAC that is associated with National Grid type companies. This is no surprise, all you have to do is look at the utility bill of one of his broken consitutents in winter. The rates are the highest in the state. Ray doesn't seem to mind though. These people have the nerve to accuse Democrats of being tied to special interests. God forbid somebody should represent the very people that guys like Meier are allowing to be ripped off by HIS special interests.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on Jon, don't be so naive, Republicans always take money from Big Tobacco. It's a right wing nut's mother's to speak. Mike will get money from the Unions and depending on how left he leans with the environment, their money also.

Anonymous said...

well, since oneida county gives out more waivers to get around the smoking ban, mabe meier is sharing the bucks.

Anonymous said...

These politicians couldn't care less about smoking unless there is money to be made. That's the only reason they are chasing after Native American sales on the internet. It's about money and they use kids as their excuse. If millions of tax money they can spend on their friends weren't involved, they wouldn't bother. Thieves all of them. Monitoring night clubs doesn't make money it costs money. Besides, there isn't must left in the district to monitor anyways. The place is a ghost town.