Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ray Meier is No Local Candidate

Look it up yourself on the FEC web site. Most of the money that Republican Ray Meier raised for his campaign during the last quarter came from outside New York's 24th Congressional District.

Who is David H. Baker from Chevy Chase, Maryland? How about George Baker from Bethesda, Maryland? A relative, or just another Baker who gave money to Ray Meier from hundreds of miles outside our difference? What are they trying to get from Meier?

Who is Bradford Card, from Mclean, Virginia, and why is he trying to push our election toward the Republicans? Ray Meier's campaign has not yet revealed who Mr. Card's employer is. Just who does Mr. Card work for, and what kind of interest does his employer have in government business?

If Ray Meier wants to represent the 24th congressional district, how come he is depending upon money from corporations and people who have never lived in our district, and never plan to?

The answer to this last question is painfully clear. Ray Meier doesn't intend to represent our district's need. He's using us as a tool for expanding his personal power. He'll represent those from outside our district who have enough money to buy his allegiance.

Our communities deserve to be more than just a rung for Ray Meier to step on to satisfy his personal ambition. That's reason number 14 to vote for Michael Arcuri for Congress this year.


Anonymous said...

Bradford Card is a DC lobbyist. Oh, he's also the brother of Andy Card, Bush's former chief of staff.

Anonymous said...

Bush's man, all the way.

Anonymous said...

Arcuri is going to get over $150 k from the DCCC's Red to Blue program, what is the big deal? They all have their hand inside the beltway looking for $.

Anonymous said...

If Ray Meier doesn't represent our district, how will he know the difference? He doesn't represent his senate district now. He represents Bruno.

Andy Card's brother. Terrific.

By the way, check the Bush-Meier money trail from 1999 NYS senate disclosures. He owes George.

Anonymous said...

Pray Tell. What does Mr. Card Lobby for? God only knows..

Anonymous said...

since when did barbara streidand live in the 24th district? this web site is out of touch!! both parties take money from outside!! this is no secret!