Monday, June 12, 2006

Mike Arcuri: One Campaign Event Before Election!

Well, glory be! After getting almost $200,000 in contributions, Michael Arcuri has finally managed to put something on his online campaign calendar!

Wouldn't you know, it's another fundraiser.

4:00 in the afternoon on June 29th, there will be an Arcuri for Congress fundraiser at the 12 North Sports Bar on Mullaney Road, Deerfield, NY. You have to pay 40 dollars to get in.

The rumor is that if Mike Arcuri can raise enough money at this fundraiser, he'll have enough to... host another fundraiser, maybe in September some time.

Of course, the money needed to raise more money has not yet been raised, so, for now, this June 29th fundraiser appears to be the only campaign event Michael Arcuri has to put on his online calendar.

Unless Arcuri's plan is to conduct his entire campaign in secret. Arcuri for Congress - America's first top secret congressional campaign. Yeah, that explains why Arcuri can't bother himself to be seen. Sure.

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