Monday, June 12, 2006

Arcuri Does Nothing, What Can Supporters Do?

Michael Arcuri's campaign for Congress is at a standstill. With nothing much coming from Mike Arcuri himself (last online press release a month ago, last "breaking news" almost two weeks ago), whatever can Arcuri for Congress supporters do? What, especially, can the pro-Arcuri blogs do, when Michael Arcuri won't give them anything of substance to write about?

Time for them to investigate dissenting blogs again. Sigh.

It's been a long while now since the webmaster of the Oneida County Democratic Committee's web site announced that my days of blogging were all over. He had investigated me and come up with the startling conclusion that I write for a lot of blogs - shocker!. Of course, I never said that I didn't, but the urge in Oneida County to eliminate my online voice, as someone who wasn't a member of their Arcuri fan club, was so desperate that they had to come up with something.

It didn't work, of course. We still have our free speech rights.

Now, the same person is going after another blogger who doesn't particularly like Michael Arcuri, writing about the effort to expose that blogger's true identity. When your candidate's campaign is faltering, go after the bloggers, I guess.

It would be much more pertinent, I think, to get the perspective from an Arcuri campaign insider about why the Arcuri for Congress campaign has ground to a near halt for the last month. Maybe an article explaining what Arcuri is doing with all that money that was donated to his campaign, given that nothing is happening, would be a start. Has the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee begun to regret its support for Arcuri yet? Now THAT would be a story.

It is very difficult to write about the do-nothing Arcuri campaign these days, I know. But, you Oneida County Democrat, try. You have the inside scoop, right? So tell us... is there nothing going on inside the Arcuri campaign?

Stop trying to silence other voices, and ask instead why Arcuri's voice has become so silent.


Curious said...

Here's something "supporters" might do: Make a list of issues MA ought to be speaking out about. Not the DCCC list; a timely list of national and local issues. I'll start: Guantanamo. Shouldn't a sitting DA have some opinions on the legal issues there? Heck, we could even start writing his white papers for him.

Issue number 1: Guantanamo. MA's opinion: TK.

Other issues, anyone?

Anonymous said...

I think Mike Arcuri and his manager should decide what Mike Arcuri should speak about. I think if Mike Arcuri listened to you he would get his mother to vote for him and that's about it. Please remember the actual makeup of the people of the 24th. You are a not exactly a classic example of what is on their minds. They may have finally figured out that Bush is an idiot, but they are more concerned with how much it is costing them to live in this state, they are more concerned about good jobs, businesses coming here. There are a zillion seniors here too and they are more concerned about what they can get from the system. In the 24th, we do not elect right-right or left-left congressmen who beat up on presidents, even lousy presidents like Bush. History kind of bears that out doesn't it?

I wouldn't call Guantanamo a "local issue". Since the district is primarily republican, even though most of them probably think Guantanamo and pretty much everything else Bush has let happen is terrible, they won't admit it because they are serious party sheep. They would defend and elect Attila if he were on the ticket. Surely, you will at least admit that unless all the democrats in the 24th run right out and vote (this would be a first)"MA" would have to get some republican votes to win.

Les Roberts focused on issues that were real, no doubt about that. He also focused on issues that weren't immediate or primary on the minds of the 24th in general. That is why he could never win.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right! Mike Arcuri and his manager should decide! Sure!

And when will they get around to doing that? October? Next year?

What the hell is wrong with them?

If Arcuri won't speak up against the Republicans, then we will!

Curious said...

8:19--I said local and national. This is a national seat. Our Congressman should have some national opinions. And even if every single Dem did vote, he'd still need some GOPs and a lot of Blanks--and those Blanks vote on issues, and the GOPs might as well vote for a Republican if Arcuri doesn't present an alternative. I admit to being perhaps not a classic example, but at the bus stop this morning, my GOP neighbor and my Dem neighbor were both talking about--not good jobs, not businesses coming here--but Guantanamo and what it says about our country's personality. Please don't dumb down the electorate--that's been the DCCC's mistake in every election they've lost so far.

Anonymous said...

From what I can see in other blogs, he is taking his campaign on the road. The Maimun blog seems to be a good source of checking out where he is going and has been. It looks like his intent is to travel all over the district to talk directly to the people. He just didn't get to you yet. Maybe he doesn't want to. Who knows. It's his campaign not yours or mine. I think he should do a lot of things. But then I am no expert. Neither are you. If we were experts, we would be running his campaign.

I don't think he gives much credence to blogs though. Neither does Ray Meier. Maybe they know what we don't want to admit. The 24th isn't going to be won on people whining on blogs. He also probably knows he won't get much Republican Press coverage either, so he decided to go on the road and talk to people personally. Web sites don't seem to be that important to either of these candidates. I think they have a better grip of how important the net is to their campaigns than you or I do. They have already served many of these constituents they need to get votes from. It's their choice, and I am not too sure if it is a right or wrong choice, but they are both in agreement on it so the impact is cancelled out.

There is absolutely no sense whatsoever in badgering Mike Arcuri to do what you or I want using the blog or site system. I doubt that he attaches much importance to it in this election. If it were a national election, I would say he was dead wrong. But it's not and you give the majority of the constituents what they want in terms of campaigning methodology in the absence of a fair press. His last press release is testimony to that.

My guess is he is opting for personal contact from the road, particularly in the rural areas of the district.

24 Independent said...

The trouble with your argument, 9:54, is that Ray Meier is doing a better job of updating his information on his web site, addressing issues that Michael Arcuri hasn't bothered to get around to yet.

So, if Ray Meier beats Michael Arcuri online, that makes it all the more difficult for Arcuri to win.

Let's get this straight: As a Democrat, Arcuri starts behind. He needs to go around the politics as usual routine, because that routine is stacked against the Democrats.

The Internet could give Arcuri an edge, if he would use it. It's an inexpensive way to communicate quickly over large areas like our district, and to organize volunteers as well.

Arcuri gives up a potential advantage when he acts like a sloth online. Ray Meier is beating Arcuri to issue after issue after issue. There are plenty of issues that Arcuri could be speaking out on - ones that would get him coverage in local newspapers - but he remains silent.

Be honest. Arcuri is not barnstorming the 24th District. A weekend stop now and then is not enough. He won't make it to most communities in the district at this rate.

Arcuri is being left behind in more than one sense. His campaign's stubborn attachment to out-of-date methods of reaching voters is putting him even deeper in the hole.

You'll keep on saying that online campaigning doesn't matter... right up until the day that Michael Arcuri loses this race.

Then what will you say? That it was all some Republican newspaper conspiracy?

Anonymous said...

No he is NOT barnstorming. Neither is Meier. I still say nothing will happen till around August. I'm not saying it's right or wrong. I saying that nothing ever happened in the past of any significance in most congressional elections here until closer to November. You have Meier and Arcuri who are part of that habit. Nobody is going to give up the big campaign bucks from the coffers until it's time for the blitz. It's just the way it is. That's when most people start listening. You and I pay attention to politics all year round. Most people do NOT. Most people aren't even THINKING about it now.

24 Independent said...

Once again, Ray Meier starts this race on top. He can afford to relax.

As it is, Ray Meier is outperforming Michael Arcuri - more events, and more communication with voters on more issues.

Michael Arcuri needs to do more, now, from the start.

As for this being too early, I suggest that you take a look around at what's happening in other congressional districts.

We can't afford to have a lazy Democratic candidate who thinks he doesn't have to campaign until September. We deserve to have a candidate who understands that he needs to start running full tilt now.

People never will listen to Arcuri if he never has anything to say. If Arcuri keeps on staying silent on the issues, and saunters casually through the whole summer like this, there's no way he'll pull it out in the autumn.

Anonymous said...

Ray Meier does not start out in front. Both of these candidates are elected officials with basically the same number of base votes. I can't remember where I read this but Arcuri actually already represents more people in the 24th than Meier does because of their two representative districts in their current positions. It's not that Ray Meier can afford to kick back. Ray Meier is a lazy do nothing state legislator and that's just his way. I'm not sure where you are coming from but where I am I don't see any more coming from Meier than Arcuri. Unless you include his foray with the old Cadillac to show how to waste gasoline. But then again our press is too busy covering the vatican to bother with covering candidates. Honestly Jon, I am not here to frigging fight with you I am just giving my opinion. Are they allowed on this blog or what? Everytime I give one you "correct" me into your rigid way of thinking. Is this blog open to other opinions without malice on your part or what? Because if not I will just move on.

24 Independent said...

1:53, please consider your expectations. I'm responding to what you're writing because I disagree with you.

What is so wrong with that? Don't you expect discussion, or do you just expect everyone to listen to your wisdom and agree, and then that will be the end of that?

Ray Meier starts ahead in this race for the simple fact that he's a Republican, and Republicans outnumber Democrats in this district.

Ray Meier has also been staking out more issue positions that Arcuri should have gotten to first. Meier has been a more prolific, and more successful, communicator.

I'm not saying this because I think Ray Meier is the best choice for Congress. I'm saying this because it bugs me that Michael Arcuri is treating this race like it's a cakewalk.

I'd like the Democratic candidate to get more serious - fast. A few ambiguous soundbites on the issues won't stand up to the thoroughness with which Ray Meier has been formulating his positions.

Go ahead and look at Ray Meier's web site, then compare it to Arcuri's web site, and you should see what I mean.

Curious said...

Just in NYS alone, I think there's a lot more activity in Districts 19 and 29 than I'm seeing here. And this one is supposed to be winnable! As for getting on the road, that's good (we have yet to see hide or hair of him where I live, but I know he was within 50 miles of us on Saturday), but a parade a week won't do the trick when you're talking hundreds of thousands of votes to win.

Maybe we should talk about more active and interesting races. Beth Garry for Supreme Court Justice, anyone?

Anonymous said...

"I saying that nothing ever happened in the past of any significance in most congressional elections here until closer to November."

And in November the Republicans won.

What's your point again? You want Arcuri to repeat the failures of the past?

9i7ox3 said...

Anonymous 12:19 said that Meier is not barnstorming. But he is out campaigning and getting in the paper. The stories make him seem like a nice guy to people outside his Senate district. Even if it is a goofy venture in that old Caddy.

Arcuri isn't visible in person, in print or online nearly as much as congressional candidates in nearby races. Ok, maybe tied with Ken Camera. If he is to win, his image and message need to be familiar.

Campaigning aggressively is not a "mistake of the past." It is essential for candidates who win.