Friday, May 12, 2006

What will our Democratic candidates say about telephone database

"Revelations that the government collected the phone-call records of millions of Americans touched off a political fire-storm Thursday, prompting calls for a congressional investigation."

That's from the USA Today this morning. It's the political story everybody is talking about. Now, I'd like to hear from the two men who are competing for my vote to become the Democratic nominee for New York's 24th District to take a seat in the United States House of Representatives. Les Roberts and Michael Arcuri, what do you have to say on the issue?

So far, nothing.

The President of the United States has just been caught grabbing records of tens of millions of Americans' telephone private calls, including information about who they called and when they called. These are innocent Americans who have had their privacy ripped apart. It was all done without the legally required search warrants or other forms of oversight.

This is no petty violation. This is a high crime - an impeachable crime. The President of the United States not only violated the legal protection against unreasonable search and seizure of personal papers guaranteed in the Bill of Rights - he also encouraged American corporations to break a very specific law: Section 222 of the Communications Act of 1934, which makes it against the law for telephone companies to share information about their customers' calling habits.

A congressional investigation is being called for, and that investigation could lead to impeachment. As this is now a congressional matter, we voters deserve to know what the candidates would do if they were sitting in the House of Representatives right now. Would they stand up and take action, or would they sit down and do nothing.

We know what the Republican candidates would do. They would defend George W. Bush, no matter how crimes he committed. But what about Congressman Les Roberts or Congressman Mike Arcuri?

Release a statement. Stand up for us, for our right to make a simple telephone call without George W. Bush, the NSA, CIA, FBI and Pentagon knowing about it.

Speak out, or your silence will be your messsage.


Anonymous said...

I have to say, I expected the Democratic candidates to jump on this issue.

It's a crossover issue, after all.

Republicans hate the idea of big government.

Anonymous said...

did anybody catch the story about meier on News 10 in Syracuse.

his solution to rising gas prices? Drive around in a 1976 Caddillac. Hellllooooooooo 2 miles a gallon.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I did see Meier.

Point being, he has the one thing the others lack. Publicity.

Until my wife comes to me and asks me who the name of a candidate, any candidate, is, Meier is winning by default.

Advice to the other candidates - get off your dead asses. Every sun that sets is one less day you have to get your name known. Advice to Mike Arcuri - your handlers don't know how to win a congressional race - better get an experienced congressional campaign manager.

Frederick said...

I hope to here something on this issue.