Friday, May 12, 2006

Ken Camera on the Revitalization of Democracy

Rebel Republican Ken Camera is talking about the attacks on our democratic society with a passion and detail that none of the other candidates has yet been able to muster:

"The assault on America's democracy today is happening in many ways. Some of the nuances are particularly disturbing.

If the public votes but is deprived of the unbiased facts, have we achieved the potential of our democracy? Modern media is so multifaceted in its assault on our senses and emotions, that it easily lends itself to the presentation of distortions and personal attacks by those in power or hungering to be in power. In this arena democracy is sort of a bystander, or worse, window-dressing for what is really going on - the grab for power without any genuine commitment to the democracy and its essential food - accurate information, separation of church and state, checks and balances (separation of powers), and the idea of service to the common man. The grab for power without conscience or with self-righteous conscience is ugly and vile.

As the paid stewards of our democracy politicians must get back to the roots of this democracy. And if they can't, because they are so caught up in their struggle for power, then ordinary people are going to have to put down their private pursuits and by the power of their votes commit the politicians to a number of activities as a prerequisite to holding office:

1. Gathering and presentation of accurate facts
2. Making government and its representatives more accessible
3. Facilitating the affiliation of private citizens and their access to government
4. Limiting the private access of corporations and their representatives to elected officials and public servants.

Let me repeat this. By the power of our votes, we must tell our politicians, before all else, that the bottom line is being committed to the truth, helping the common man get better and easier access to the halls of government, and conversely limiting private and privileged access of business to legislators and the executive branch."

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