Monday, May 01, 2006

Painful Photographs Key to Brad Jones Campaign

There's something compulsive about career politicians like Brad Jones. They just can't seem to resist having their picture taken with anybody who is willing to stand next to them for as long as 5 seconds. The campaign web site of Republican Brad Jones is littered with photographs of Brad Jones standing next to people - even people who seem to appear that they can't wait to get away from Jones.

brad jones Joe Parmon Herkimer

Take, for example, this photograph of Brad Jones standing next to Joe Parmon, a reporter for the Evening Telegram newspaper in Herkimer. Parmon sure doesn't look happy about having the picture taken, but Brad Jones is oblivious, giving his practiced, eager smile.

I'd love to know what Brad Jones said or did to give Parmon that look, but even more than that, I'd love to know what the Brad Jones for Congress campaign was thinking putting this picture on their web site. Are they thinking of a new campaign slogan, perhaps?

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Anonymous said...

Jones sorta reminds me of Dick Armey.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with you on much Jon, but I have to admit this guy is one scarey controlling b*stard. While realizing that in America, anybody can run, it is absolutely amazing that anybody would give this nutcase the time of day with his own watch. But who knows with these Neocons? They probably all aspire to be just like him.